Tuesday, September 16, 2008

current flickr favorite quilt photo

You'll have to click to see it...
Emma Kickapoo's Quilt.

Do you flickr?
How do you "search?"
How often do you search?
Do you have "contacts?"
Do you look at their stuff first?
Do you only look at their stuff?
What is your current favorite flickr photo?
Do you have "so many" favorites that they are unruley... (I had to search hard & deep yesterday while posting about "September is Quilt Month." A whole lotta cat quilts going on in my favorites...)

Do you use webshots instead? Why?
Any other quilt photo/inspiration sources that I "need" to know about?

Michael 5000 was suprised that I found an image of his quilt... So that is why I am pondering this subject and asking the questions.


Rian said...

None of the above. I can't figure out Flikr. Love that Democrat quilt! Hah!

Anne said...

Thanks for the link to Emma Kickapoo's quilt - just added it to my favourites!
I use Flickr daily. I have a digest of my friends' photos sent to me and keep up with their lives that way. Also, 90% of new traffic to my blog is from photos I've put on flickr and sent to groups. I don't know that many people *stay*, but they do come. I've met some lovely people that way and all the swaps I've done have been through groups.

Kay said...

I don't do much with Flikr, except that I have put a few pictures on it as part of a group.

Great quilt.