Monday, September 22, 2008

A bit of everything - including a sneak peak of the baby bump

Where do I start? I am trying to do one post instead of several...
A bit of a weekend wrap-up.
A bit of a "what's the status on that?"
A bit of "junk in my mind."

I guess I will try to go chronologically.

On Friday I had the GTT. While waiting for the 3 hours to elapse, I quilted on my round robin quilt. I broke through my callus... I went to IHOP for "make me feel better" dinner - aka breakfast. I only 1 bruise out of 4 needles! YIPPEE!

On Saturday, an enabler called me to say that she saw some Alexander Henry dreidel fabric at JoAnnes. It was late & I still had not fully gotten going. (Couldn't find the shorts that the baby will tolerate - so I crawled back into bed after eating my leftover pancakes. The baby is not so much a fan of the elasticized waistband. Including the one that I am wearing today...)

That gave me the impetus to get out of the house - it was such a lovely day & I wanted to get some cheddar cheese & a treat for sew-n-tell.

So I am at Joannes & I see the fabric - I purchased it at least 2 years ago. But I also saw some star fabric (much more useful) that I would not mind purchasing. I went into sticker shock! Almost $11 at Joannes... I passed it up, but decided to look around (I am back into an I SPY kick.) I found a few things & then wandered over to Trader Joes for some cheese, cake & other food stuffs. Mission accomplished. You could almost see the big check mark above my head.

On Sunday, I went into the office for a bit... I got what I think is our last CSA share... (Same stuff different week, husband is going to look for a different CSA for next year. He is also going to verify the ending date - he thought that we got shares until October.) Then I went to sew-n-tell.
I shared & passed off our most recent group project = YAY!
Since we meet in the back of a quilt shop, I looked around - whole lotta bolts on the floor. I mentioned this & some of the gals mentioned that they had had a 25% off sale the previous weekend. (That should say something about their pricing if they still have a lot of bolts on the floor after a sale...)
I got 3/4 of the binding finished on the baby's quilt that I shared last week. While working on it, one of the gal's asked, "Who is that for?" I replied, "You might not have noticed, but I am expecting. This is for the baby." Later she said that I have too many quilts. Pish Posh! I also shared the internet round robin that I am working on... I am still so amazed that some people get one idea of a round robin & can not fathom the idea of another way of doing them. Some of the gals were quite shocked that the quilts that we are doing are a. so small & b. will be finished when the cycle is over.

Oh & My GF said that she hopes that the gal who is quilting mine is doing as nice a job as I am doing. I am here to tell ya, coming from her that is such a compliment! (She has been quilting for a very long time! & Has no problem letting me know about my foibles.)

That reminds me, I have no concept of how long it takes to do "anything!" I sit around thinking that it takes X-hours to do Y - when in faxt it takes X+Z hours to do Y. Case in point, 9 times out of 10 I miscalculate how long it takes to get to Baltimore from where I live... I am especially bad when it comes to estimating the amount of time it takes to do anything quilty. For example, I brought 2 doll quilts to quilt to my 3 hour appointment. I got about 90% of one done... I took the baby quilt to bind to sew-n-tell, I only got 3/4 done - but I had my pre-cut I SPY charms in that bag as well, thinking that I would be able to sort out duplicates.

Oh & I have issues with quilt math. You see in addition to 2 I SPY quilts where I have a pattern to follow, I kind of want to do another (I really should finish one of those... before planning yet another.) but this "new" one is supposed to focus on 5 specific letters - I am thinking a 50x50 layout - so the squares would roughly be 10 inches, but a lot of my fabrics are pre-cut to 5 inches & 3.5 inches (For patterns that are far easier to follow.) & If the "I" image is small-ish, it would get lost in a 10 inch charm... So I am envisioning a 1, 4, 9* layout.
*1 patch, 4 patch, 9-patch - all ending up the same finished size so that they can all be in 1 quilt.

I then went over to my GF's house & she took a picture of my baby bump - suprisingly, the first one that I have taken...
29 weeks 4 days 29 weeks 4 days.

Finally, I have to tell a cat story (or 2). On Sunday after getting my CSA, I went home to drop them off, my girl cat scampered up to say hello to her mommy - my boy barely lifted his head. When I got to the bathroom - the boy usually follows... When I take me shower, he has a towel to sit on... The girl occasionally joins in on the fun. This morning, she hopped up real quick & made herself comfy on the towel. When RB got up there he looked around as if to say, "Aren't you going to make room for me." He finally scootted onto the towel. When I finished my shower it was so apparent that she was comfy that you could see the pink of her toepads. :o) He just continued to sit & look as if to say, "This is so not fair."

Now, that is all that is fit to post!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Congratulations! I had to laugh about the comments on the RR. I have found myself making the exact same explanation to people who just don't understand; then I realize, they never will~ and that's OK! (It took me a while to grasp this but when a woman asked me why I would work on other people's quilts and continue to spend the $ for mailing the rounds instead of just working on my own and liking the result I knew I'd never get the concept through...)

Libby said...

Great 'bump' pic . . . what a fun way to start my morning *s*

I know what you mean about CSA shopping. We belonged to one a couple of years back. BORING! How much Swiss chard can two people be expected to consume? The new one I found has been far more exciting with a nice variety every week.
Our climate is mild enough that we get boxes year round, something is always in season.

JudyL said...

Thanks for the picture! I was wondering if you would share one. You look so cute . . even though I know how uncomfortable you are.

cindyquiltsOR said...

What a cute "kitten" ...

Andrea said...

I love your baby bump picture. A great reminder of how things were once you're able to see your toes again - lol !

Mama Koch said...

Cute bump picture! The kitten is really growing.

andsewitis Holly said...

I'm glad you took the baby bump picture -- and shared it with us. I only have one of myself from those days and wish I had taken more. Your cats make me chuckle. They have so much personality.

Morah said...

You look mavelous' daling'. Just mavelous!

mamaspark said...

Cute pic of the kitten! Your cat story made me laugh. It sure is fun having more than one and watching the silly things they do.

Carin said...

you are adorable! I can't wait less than 3 months and we will get to see baby pictures.

Hanne said...

Good looking baby bump :-)

Ruth's Place said...

Love seeing the bump!!

Too many quilts! Bah, no such thing!

Jeanne said...

I'm so happy for you, my friend :)