Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Asian kitty

Asian kitty
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

Granted this is a kitty... On the same piece of fabric, there are decorative "balls." Hence the cat curled up into a ball....

Anyone know what those balls are called?


dee said...

Temari balls. There's a book out you can make them from. Sorry I forget the name but I think it's as simple as Temari balls by....???

Teresa said...

I have made Temari balls, but I used thread wrapped around a styrofoam ball and then worked a kind of embroidery over top of the thread.

The kitty is very pretty - could you post a picture of the entire quilt?

Tanya said...

I see you have got your answer! Yep. I have made temari balls too and they are very lovely but not too practical. They just look beautiful but the cats like to play with them so mine have stayed put away.