Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Why when I have all of the pieces and parts pressed & ready for the next sewing step do I not sit down & sew?

Well last night it is because I made a super great salad for dinner. Not that that took very long...
I roughly followed a recipe from Self magazine (found it online - following a linky dink...)
I did not pay much attention to ratios & measurements...
Cubed Turkey (I had the deli guy give me a 1/2 inch thick slice - I cubed it at home after that.)
Diced Tomato (I think the recipe called for halved cherry tomatoes - I used what we had from the CSA) one red, one yellow
Corn - I went with what Libby told me would work & used it raw straight off the cob. (I cut it off with a knife right into the bowl) I used 2 ears.
Black Beans - the canned kind rinsed (I used a whole can)
Diced Onion - The recipe called for red - I have yellow on hand
Cucumber - peeled & diced (This was not in the recipe - but they had green pepper diced & I skipped that ingredient)
They had a dressing recipe as well, but I did my own thing...
Apple Cider Vinegar
freshly cracked mixed pepper corns
Herbs d'Provence
Olive oil
I basically mixed the first three & then added in the oil while whicking the vinegar mixture. Oh & I used Herbs d'Provence, because I had it (Picked it up at Penzy's with no idea as to how I would use it) & because I found that before the Italian seasoning... (I wanted a mix, instead of a little basil, little parsley, little dill....)
I did not add salt, because Kosher turkey is already salted & the kind in the deli seems to be even more salty.
Served on a bed of Arugula.
I am sure that if you are vegan, that this would work just eliminate the turkey. & if you don't keep kosher, you could add cheese cubes... I think that a diced hard boiled egg could easily be added as well...

That still left a lot of evening to _____ (Sew, sleep, play with the cats, clean the stewdio, watch TV, think about trimming for the ALQS2) Since one of my pills is the "makes you sleepy" kind, I watched TV until about 8:30, then drifted off to sleep.

SHould I go back to "goal" writing. As in my goal for tonight is to sew those units into blocks. Well, Hopefully tomorrow I can say that I did it. (We are having left over salad for dinner...)

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Libby said...

Mmmmm - the salad sounds delish (except for the arugula - to strong a flavor for me *s*) I'm glad to hear the corn worked out. I do hope we have some corn in our CSA soon.