Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One thing leads to another

I was reading posts & commented on this post. (Don't tell my cats that I am looking at other cats. RB had to defend his territory, through the safety of the sliding glass door, last night!)

Which led to a bit of chatter... (not the cat quarrel, the comment.)

Then I got my ALQS2 partner... Any guesses as to her style? Needless to say I could give Cathi a very definitive answer on what country is...

This is where having a cat fabric stash comes in handy. I knew some of them were in the country tones. Also I have a bag of reds waiting to become an all red courthouse steps quilt - some of those are country as well. As were some of the darker greens in the pink quilt that I shared yesterday. I have creams & while most of my blues are not country perse, I knew some of them would fit.
Here is what I pulled from my stash (without digging deep).
Then I remembered the fabrics that I was going to start cutting on Sunday - included scraps from Finn - some of those definately are country.
Take a look at the sorting of some of those:
DSC05504.JPG Have I not told you what a big helper he is... (FYI The scraps that I pulled for my partner are safely away in a zippered plastic bag. Theses are mine & the photo is staged, because the camera was not handy when he first made this display.)

I think that Cathi & I are going to race to see who finished first as country is not what either of us would choose to work with... (Which is code for "could easily be set aside." Like the faux log cabin that I need to finish for my GF before the kitten arrives.)

The best part - I know EXACTLY what I am going to do! Just need to start trimming & sewing.


dee said...

Wish I had a helper half as beautiful.

dee said...

Wish I had a helper half as beautiful.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

OMG what a cuteamous kitty picture!

Great stash photos, too. Love what you've got going on there.

Catherine said...

Now that Smudge and Lester are out of the room, it's safe to comment on another kitty! LOL I love the helper photo, staged or not.
And thank you for posting that photo of your "country" fabrics -- it gives me a lot of ideas and I think I can do this!

paula, the quilter said...

I got my ALQS2 assignment too: I'm on the art swap side. I already know what I'm going to do.

Tanya said...

Your helper looks like he knows exactly what he is doing!