Wednesday, August 06, 2008

An oldie quilt & fried potatoes with a few other tidbits thrown in for good measure

I'll start with a photo of an oldie but goodie quilt:
Chag Sameach quilt
I used a book on 9-patches to make this quilt (I think the Author is Marti Michell.) This was one of the first quilts that I had Judy quilt for me. The back is a less than successful top - can you say no value differences... It is 3 pieces of light fabric! Oh & this top came from the "Choose one print & them pull fabrics to go with it" school of thought. While I love scrappy quilts, I think that plan was best for this quilt. Oh & I remember buying that main print. I must have had a tiny bit of fabric shopping experience under by belt by then because I finished the bolt & have not looked back on that purchase! (I have the same print in blue on cream and blue on white.) Earlier in my shopping experiences, I only got a tiny bit of Alexander Henry's Siamese cats & I have been sad about that decision for a LONG time. (I was fleetingly happy when Keepsake "found" a bolt & had it in their sale section of the catalog. I made up for my earlier skimpy purchase!)

I already mentioned that I joined in on the Another Little Quilt Swap for round 2 (The Quilter has too.) here is a note on sign-ups... In case you are interested.

FYI I know that it is only 6 a.m., but it was too hard to find "the quilter" in my bloglines... Which are supposedly in ABC order... I guess the lower case confused my bloglines.

Goals - :o( Apparently if I eat dinner, then I do not sew... (Don't worry about my food intake, I nosh throughout the day.)

All I did was order my applique blocks... So I guess my goals for today are a ditto of yesterday.

Fried Potatoes... (I've seen them mentioned on one or two blogs recently, Finn's for one...)

I know a thing or two about fried potatoes. I am a couch potatoe at heart & do find myself watching the cooking shows on PBS including America's Test Kitchen. Their new go to method for frying potatoes is decpetively simple & perfect at the same time.

First wash & cut up your potatoes into wedges. Place them in a microwave safe bowl (Or those steam fresh bags) add salt & pepper & olive oil. microwave covered for about 4 minutes - shake up the potatoes & return for another 4 minutes of cooking in the microwave.

Near the end of the cooking cycle, add some olive oil into your skillet (non-stick worked best for me) and heat it on high. When the potatoes are done in the microwave, put them in the hot skillet cut side down (I turned down the heat at this point). Be careful of the splatter realted to the steam from the microwave cooking. When they are brown on one side, turn them to the other cut side to finish browning. when both sides are brown (not long) they are done. (The microwave does the actual cooking - the frying pan just crisps them up real good.)

Aside: While the potatoes were cooking in the microwave, I sauteed my onions. Once they were golden, I took them off the heat. I added them back to the pot once I was on the second cut side so that they could be warmed up again. Second lesson learned on ATK. This way the onions do not burn - I have burned a few in the past trying to cook both the potatoes & onions at the same time.

Fried potatoes go back in my family a long time... Usually in thin slices, so that they could actually cook through in the skillet (I think that my grandmother par boiled them...), this method works so my better!

Why do I know so much about fried potatoes - the kitten likes them a lot. (I made a dish that had potatoes, squash & a few other fried items - I picked out the potaotes for us... Hubby ate the rest.)

More food fun:
Blueberries for breakfast - YUM, but I still need to make my blueberry buckle - while the carton of Ice Cream is still in the freezer...


Lily Mulholland said...

Hi there, Margaret just let me know you didn't receive my email on the weekend to thank you for my Four Seasons swap quilt!! I sent it to the email address listed on your blog.

Anyway, a huge thanks for the gorgeous quilt and huge chunk of fabric. I posted it on my blog:

Cheers, Lily xxx

Greenmare said...

and the baby likes fried potatoes too? Hope you both are managing summer!!!