Thursday, August 28, 2008


This is going to give my husband "Ammo" in the form of "When are you going to sew for the baby." (Quite odd since many in our circle don't buy a thing for the baby until after the delivery - old wives' tales aka "bubbe meises.")

But this is the new & improved quilt list for the baby & where they are...
1. Rainbow Log Cabin (the one with the cats in the middles) at the long armers
2. Heather Ross 9-patch - at the long armers
3. Taupe Aleph-bet - at a the long armers
4. Yellow bird - waiting for me to play with/figure out the shirring foot
5. Kaffe Double 9-patch - waiting for me to be in the mood to cut & strip piece
6. Scrappy Chinese Coins - I pulled the scraps & the "yardage" that I will cut from to create more scraps last night.
7. Log Cabin - blue & yellow. It was going to be dark & light, but when I had pulled the darks - 95% of them were blue - so I went with blue & yellow. Why fight the muse.
8. 100% flannel - DONE!
9. The "Antique" applique with chenille that I purchased - DONE!

Sounds like the baby mama will be busy for a while, huh? (She at least "should be" busy for a while.)

I also need to get the RR X-ing quilt done to top stage...
& I need to finish a top for a friend that I have been ignoring for far too long...

I also found the Kaffe jelly roll last night. (I'll trim a bit of the ends for the Scrappy Chinese Coins.)


Vicki W said...

All of those for the baby? That will be one well-quilted baby!

Bizarre Quilter said...

Wow! 9 quilts for the baby! how many are you having??? ;)