Friday, August 08, 2008

Not much that is fit to type

BUT I have to blame Vicki for the increase in my bloglines. She keeps having post like this one. (Thanks for the mention.) So I get to look at new to me blogs as well as old favorites! Most of the new to me ones get added to my bloglines. Oh well life is too short to worry about how many bloglines you have.

I baked the blueberry buckle - YUM (& I was lucky to get any ice cream...) I am even having some with my lunch.

I would now like to show & tell about my sewing, but alas - there was none to be had last night.

Tonight on the other hand, I will be doing hand work.

I just went to Yahoo & jotted down on my calendar the dates & times for the stuff that I like to watch. (I watch a whole lot more, but there are some things that I prefer to watch over others.) Heads up to the other watchers out there - Oxygen network will have recaps most nights between 6 & 8 - so if you have that chanel, that might be your best bet for viewing. (A lot of stuff is scheduled for "o dark thirty"! (Those did not even make it onto my calendar.)

While waiting for the baby furniture delivery tomorrow (& while they are assembling it), I hope to do some more sewing... Then we need to go buy a mattress & maybe some linens - buttery yellow is the goal in the linens arena.

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Vicki W said...

So glad I can help you fill all of your free time!