Friday, August 29, 2008

the list, the log cabin (on the list) and the weekend

A. Since I am "The Calico Cat" I could be having a litter - so 9 is not a large number of quilts for one mama to make for one baby. :o)
I am only using my stash...
(I am only doing easy piecing - no Mariners Compass, New York Beauty, etc. on my list. I will send most of them our to be long armed... So my part - which is done by the sewing machine is easy & fairly quick - If I do it.)

B. Thanks for all of the advice on the log cabin. I will do the yellow/blue center & my first logs will be blue. I hope to hand quilt this one. I also hope to have it pieced this long weekend. (I was going to cut strips last night, but we went to interview a pediatrician - my night went down hill from there motivation wise. I am glad to have all of that pediatrician shopping done.)

C. On Sunday in addition to picking up the CSA shares for the week, & probably going into the office for a while, I will be going to see the Fredrick Keys play minor league baseball. Which in and of itself is not so odd (newsworthy) but my friend works for the Orioles Major League baseball team & could get me free tickets... So I am in the midst of thinking to hard on that ponderable.

My MIL sent a package for the babe - with generic (non-gender specific) items. & None of it is Liscensed either - YAY! (I guess I shoud be unpackaging & putting baby stuff away since we have the furniture.

Which reminds me - cats 10 : tent to keep cats off of the crib 0... (This is how you express a ratio, right?)

Not much else going on which in retrospect is probably a "good thing."


Vicki W said...

Of course, a litter - silly me!

Rian said...

Have a great weekend! The ticker is pretty cool--I love the little comment at the bottom.

Catherine said...

A litter of quilts! :-)

McIrish Annie said...

wow! lots of stuff going on here! and you can't have enuf quilts for a kitten so nine is perfect.

as for the applesauce in your zucchini bread, I substitute 1/2 of the oil with applesauce. I have done 1 for 1 but a little oil just makes a nicer bread..

I've been away but had to stop for a quick "scan" of things and a kitten update. glad everything is on schedule in the oven!!

Betty J in OKC said...

I've got babyquilt #10 here that I want to send to you for the furless kitten. :)