Sunday, August 10, 2008

grumble grumble & weekend recap

1. The furniture was delivered & it takes up about 1/3 to 1/2 more space that I thought it would... (I think that that is ALWAYS the way it works.) Except that I have very good spatial sense. If I have a pile of items to put into a truck - I can figure out how to make them fit without a whole lot of wasted space ot trial & error. It looks great & I hope to get photographs later today. Very preliminary photos - our yellow sheets are on order, the mirror & other wall art (quilts) are not installed as of yet, etc.

2. The grumble. So I got my Keepsake Quilting catalog. I love to look.... (Yes, I make wish lists, but I love it when I can say EWWW I am so not interested in that!) So I was looking more at the baby stuff than I had in the past... Minky - $8 - hey that is not bad at all... (I have this thought about babies being tactile, so I want to provice lots of touchy things...) I even think about the fact that after I saw the cutest minky applique on flickr, that I looked at what was available at G-Street (notoriously over priced) & saw a nice brown - aww cute kitty ran through my head, but I could not spend $20 per yard (yet). Then we went to a baby store to purchase the mattress & looked at those "designer" quilts that use minky... SO I went home to look again & probably purchase the minky... The I realize that unlike most of thoe other things in their catalog, the Minly is priced per 1/2 yard... SNEAKY...

3. Olympics quilting.
I can not sew & watch - so I had to sew during volley ball, fencing, rowing, beach volley ball, swimming, & the road race. I finished the binding on one quilt & started on the next. (Granted I finished the smallest one, but they all count! I hope that I can do all 5 during this 17 day stretch.) Even with my big helper - I forgot to take the photo off of the camera... But it is really cute & I'll share it soon!


Jules said...

I was about to go order some of that $8 minky. Oh well. At least you noticed before you placed the order. I might not have. I can't wait to see pictures of the baby's room.

Mama Koch said...

Pictures of baby furniture?

I've noticed that Minky is a little over-priced for me too.