Sunday, August 24, 2008

CW Charms

CW Charms
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A day later (or less) and that pile of fabric is now cut into a pile of charms. :o)

For those of you with keen eyesight, yes, that is a dog. (There aren't any cats in this group of fabrics, but there is a dog.)

Don't tell Bonnie, but you may see some "ick greens." Wait a minute, CW fans do not call it "Ick" green - I think they call it poison green. Back before blogger, we were on stashbusters together & she used that green & I so did not care for it. Now you can find it in my stash. (I think that they & the chrome yellows really enhance scrappy quilts.) I also used the chrome yellows in my blue & yellow scrappy quilts. All yellows are o.k. for those projects.

Any guesses on how many charms are in those piles? (They are even - that is your only hint.) Oh & there are no duplicates.


Karen Dianne Lee said...

Well with my newly minted "keen" eyesight I'd guess 25 light and 25 dark?


Charming Love, *karendianne.

Catherine said...

Perhaps 30 in each pile?

Bonnie said...

YES!! The chrome yellows and ick greens really DO bring life to a quilt! To me the ick greens are the color of grass and foilage. And the yellow? Sunshine and flowers. Gotta have them in there, even in small amounts :c)