Sunday, August 03, 2008

CSA, sewing, & Bigger isn't always better

In the CSA this week, we got a cantaloupe, some corn, some tomatoes, some squash, a cucumber, some peaches, some plums & I passed on eggplant & bell pepper.

I started to sew the alternating squares to the 9-patch blocks, but then it was time for dinner & then I was not "in the mood" to sew after dinner.

I got the "Big" cheezits - I immediately wanted the smaller ones. I would even like to see mini ones. Like they have mini-pastas - I want those so much more that jumbo shells - unless I am stuffing them with cheesy goodness! Please remind me that although "Big Cheezits" sound like a neat idea, I don't care for them in reality.

Not much else going on this weekend... (But that baby room is ready - YIPPEE!)


Becky said...

Big Cheezits WITH peanut butter is one of my hubby's favorite treats... if we lived closer I'd swap you box for box. ; )
Becky in SC

Jules said...

Have you tried Annie's Cheddar Bunnies? We really like them here.