Monday, August 04, 2008

another post

Gosh I am awfully chatty this morning. (Too bad the people that I need to talk to are either not answering the phones are are not at work yet - can you imagine? I have been at work for several hours & people in California haven't even thought about it. That concept still boggles my mind when I think about it. But I liked that concept when we were on vacation in Australia as we were able to get up & enjoy the quiet of morning alone with the cappuchino machine...)

So why am I posting?

The good & the bad of being married to the son of a shop-a-holic.
1. She is buying baby stuff (apparently, quite a bit of it). For the record, my father is too. Although they both want to know the gender. Too bad.
2. What are they buying? (I wanna shop too & the idea of shopping for a mattress is less than appealing - I'm just saying.)
3. How do you stear them towards buying what you want them to buy? (Instead of what they want to buy - or the kinds of stuff that other people will probably be buying.)

I just got to check one phone call off of my list. YAY.

Back to Word & Excel - my friends...


Andi said...

Grandparents will buy whatever they like, LOL. You can drop hints about "we still need X, Y & Z," but be prepared to get nothing useful. At Baby K's first birthday, she got a bunch of 18 month and 2T clothes, and I had to go right out and buy a fall wardrobe. Just think ahead and keep a bin in the closet for charity...just throw things in when the kitten outgrows them!

Mama Koch said...

I'm making sure I ASK first. Or if I see something, I drop hints asking if they'd like it.
If they buy something you don't want or can't use, please take it back...don't just keep it because G-Parent bought it.

My phone won't quit...'cause it's payroll day!

Jules said...

I have not figured out a good way to tell grandparents what to buy. Well, I do tell my own mom. But I cannot figure out how to to tell my mother-in-law what to buy. Oh well. We have some really weird things because of it.

Rian said...

Give her a list of the things you need. The stuff you can't use you can re-gift or give to charity. It's the very act of buying for her grandchild that fills her up and gives her joy. But suggest she keep her receipts in case you need to exchange or return.