Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where did my Mojo go?

Well, I thought (naievely) that when I dropped off my machine I would do the fussy cutting so that I would be ready to piece on the Railroad Crossing quilt once it got back... Not so.
They are still waiting for me to look at the book to see how many I need.

Have I finished the binding on those two doll quilts? Ummmm, no.

Have I button-holed on my applique blocks? Not this week. (But I am compensating by saying - some days last week, you did 3 blocks in a day... That is not getting me any closer to "done.")

On a good note, I pulled Heather Ross fabrics (I have some from West Hill & Lightning Bugs - I want the race cars, but I have been trying to be a good girl...) for a simple baby quilt (yes for my baby) But I have not cut for those blocks either. (Which I guess is a "good thing.") Here are 2 of them:

Then I was looking at flickr & bloglines & saw that Kathie has finished her baby quilt - that I love! I definately have a thing for blue & yellow quilts. Seeing Kathie's project made me think of my pieced cats. You can see the blue ones here. Some yellow ones are here. I have pieced these all on my featherweight - so I have been thinking about pulling that out... (BTW I have made so many cats - or cut them out that I will be making 4 of those quilts - 1 that is blue, 1 that is yellow, 1 that is blue & yellow, & one that uses my Judaic prints.) How was that for a blast from the past - yes, I am still blogging about a UFO that was a UFO in 2006!

While I am thinking about taking out the Featherweight, I have not... My mojo has left. I will probably be in the mood again when my MIL is in town. :o)


julieQ said...

I hope you find it soon! Sometimes rest and a break help me to find it...

Rhondee said...

I'm sorry you've lost your Mojo. I think it's run away along with mine. It's amazing how one week you are all energized and bouncy and the next...aarrrrrhhhhh...nothing...LOL