Monday, July 14, 2008

The weekend, quilting, CSA, etc.

There was only one "person" other than my husband who was more interested in getting into the box from Kelly's Closet. (Yes, we are ready to diaper a baby...)
RB on a box
I stopped my husband before he got a chance to try to diaper the cat!

The second part of my doll quilt swap was this birdy:
Doll Quilt Swap birdy This was very appropriate for me as I hope to make a bird mobile for the baby's room.

I left you saying that I needed to baste my doll quilts...
Doll Quilts Here they are basted & quilted with the binding attached - now to hand sew the binding to the backs.

Railroad Crossing quilt update & a confession:
A couple people asked why I did not just make the blocks bigger instead of trimming all of those charms down... (without getting into the math of it all...)
A. I swapped for some of those charms & so they were not necessarily 5 inches on all sides nor were they necessarily square.
B. When I cut my own fabrics to add to the Nickel collection - I wasn't the most careful with cutting myself or I cut big knowing that at least 90% of the patterns had you at least trimming them down - my more favorite patterns used the 2.5 x 4.5 inch rectangles & the 2.5 inch squares.
C. The Terry Martin directions assumed that you would be using strings & scraps - so after you sewed the rectangles together, you needed to trim the unit to size - which is fine with me - less super accurate cutting or sewing...
D. With this kind of thing, I don't cut, sew or press very accurately - I just trim up well.
E. I actually like the monotany mindless trimming... GASP! (I watched several hours worth of BBC American Documentaries while doing that "chore.")
Here are my results from yesterday's trimming:
Railroad Crossing Quilt pieces 200 light squares & 120 pieced rectangles. Now to fussy cut trains....

My sewing machine had to go back for another servicing - I ran over a pin while piecing those tumblers (I am a lot more careful while doing that kind of piecing...)

CSA - Peaches, apricots, potatoes, squash, zuchini, plums, green beans, & a white eggplant. All those compliment the apples, bananas, & cherries that we got at the store. Not to mention the fact that my husbands favorite lunch meat packages were on sale for about 1/2 price. :o)

I hope to reschedule my 20 week sonogram for this week. (I am in training & we have been getting out early, so that way I won't have to use my vacation time - I am saving it for when I actually have the baby.)

My MIL arrives for a visit this weekend... My husband's birthday is this weekend also... (So we have quite a bit planned - I think, those plans may be a bit fluid.)

I hope that everyone else had a productive weekend. :o)


Jeanne said...

Amy, I love how the tumbler quilts turned out! You're getting quite a collection of little doll quilts.

McIrish Annie said...

Hey Dandylion~ I know I have been MIA. Love love love that birdy doll quilt!I've started a 3 day work week so I hope to be "around" more. Hope you had a great weekend..

Michael5000 said...

The problem with cat diapering is usually the tail. Unless you've got a manx. In which case, let 'er rip.

andsewitis Holly said...

Those doll quilts are adorable! They should be in a quilting magazine :)