Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The things I think about...

If I clean out my address book, will I regret it later? (I just did that oft put off chore.)

Why when I put in cold water the ice does not melt (We have fintered water in the fridge as well as filtered ice water & that is my official craving. I think my body is making up for the previous 3 decades full of kool-aid & soda.), but when I finish bottle number one by 6 a.m. & decide to add the water from a store bought bottle - instead of starting a new bottle with ice - all of the ice melts...

Why are both of my cats super nosey? I got a big box from an online retailer of baby stuff - you should have seen those 2!

How funny is it that "Mr. I like to play with string" was less than thrilled when he caught the mint floss? (A new habit for me - flossing.)

If/when I find out the gender of the kitten - will I still want to make the baby's stuff/room gender neutral?

Why do I now want to know? (My husband is trying really hard to convince me that the tech was being cryptic & so he really does not know the gender.) When he was left alone with her, he mentioned that we have a name picked out for a baby girl, but not for a boy - she replied "You need to be prepared for either" - that got extrapolated into - you are having a boy - whether or not that was correct is up in the air.

Why when I rationally thing - don't buy baby clothes, you will probably get them as a gift, do I not have the same thoughts when it comes to toys & books? (If you saw my list...) I want just about everything that is available for sale at "Oy Toys."

When will I be "in the mood" to sew - for my baby?

How long until I break down & call the LQS to check on my sewing machine?

If it feels so good to have my swap quilts done, why do I put off finishing them? (The should both hit the mail today - one is headed for Australia, the other to Texas. I failed to measure them, I hope that they are with in the guidelines. If not, I am officially blaming my baby brain.)

Why when I decide that I want to off load some photos from my cell phone do I realize that I left it at home?

Will I be "in the mood" to cook dinner tonight? What constitutes "cooking?" (I am "in the mood" for a tomato & mayo sandwich...)

Does anyone elses brain rattle about like this or is this "baby brain?"


Jules said...

She said either, not both, right? Because if she said both, maybe you are having boy and girl twins... Just kidding. They would tell you if you were having twins.

Ruth's Place said...

We went mad with the books, people are more likely to give clothes than books, so buy as many as you want :)

My brain rattles like that too.

Libby said...

I've never regretted clearing my address book . . . but I am often grateful that my mom never did the same. I refer to it often - not for addresses, but to remember names of old neighbors or distant relatives.

Exuberant Color said...

I would think you would still want to make the baby's room gender neutral and just add accents for the gender later. I think the room should say baby not boy or girl.

Buy all the books you really want. No one else will know your taste unless you are registering for them. Do you register for babies or just for weddings?