Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A tale of 2 kitty helpers.

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After Setting aside the 30's tumblers, & working on piecing some backs and tops - I cut up some strips.

Before "noodles" & Jelly Rolls, one of my local shops had baggies of 2 inch wide strips - darks & lights for sale. (I think that they thought that the buyer would made a log cabin quilt with them...)

I bought one of each & there they sat for YEARS! So this weekend, I decided that since my father will be visiting after the birth, I should make the quilt that I have been planning to make for him forever - "railroad crossing." To say he is a Model railroad fan is to put is mildly.

So I am sewing the strips together in random pairings...

This one decided to nip at me because I was "bugging him."
(This photo is after that episode where I am counting strips & separating them a bit more for easier piecing. - yes he is covered in strips - he is a bit stubborn.)


Ruth's Place said...

He does look cross with you!

BealcA's Pad said...

Looking at your blog, coming from Ruth's Place, and Little bit of everything before that, it looks so wonderful to see all the beautiful creations that you people do, that it puts my efforts sort of to shame, but even if I am getting up there in years I am still learning so much about so many things.

I refer some of my quilting friends to various blogs and one of them is a guy who quilts to relax. I shall send him yours too. Keep up the beautiful work.

Oh, yes, love the kitties. My neighbor has a brown sealpoint called Sheba. I just love her.

Blessings aplenty and more,