Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More from the quilt show

(I'll have photos of my own stuff later this week - Yes, I met up with the long armer yesterday. Yes, we are happy!)

Also for those of you who are keeping me on the straight & narrow - I turned 200 squares into 50 4-patches last night (including the pressing!) & I seamed the backing!

I did not make the cake, I was not in the mood to "cook or clean" I had a bowl of cereal for dinner...

This is going to sound a bit snarky - but we all like what we like...
My GF was not able to go to the show. She knows someone who went to the show on Thursday or Friday - I went on Saturday. That gal was raving about this quilt:
quilt So my GF asked me to take a picture. (This quilt does absolutely nothing for me whatsoever!) So why am I blogging it - for the story.

I liked this one because it reminds me of the type of photos that I like to take...

Caveat: I usually do not go for the beaded (rhinestoned) quilt but this one:
quilt - heavily beaded Those beads are so effective & so numerous! (I hope you can see them...)

This is the new quilt by one of my favorite quilters:
(I loved her yellow bedroom with the Westie & the living room with the kitty in the past. I should link back to posts in my own blog, but...)
This is another of my favorite quilters:
quilt - applique I have liked everything that she has done (period)! (Ditto linking back.)

Doesn't the girls face remind you of that famour National Geographic cover?
quilt - applique

I am sharing this one because it is only about 10 inches square! (Yes it is pieced, not painted.)
quilt - miniature (10 inch square)

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Kay said...

Great pictures! Thanks for breaking the rules :) I think the reason the beads work on that water quilt is that they serve a purpose, aren't just for glitz. Love the kitchen picture! As for the National Geographic girl, she should have permission for that, as long as we're being sticklers for the rules. (Maybe she did.)