Thursday, July 24, 2008

I would show you a picture but...

(I am feeling a bit snarky - I learned from the best, my boy cat, RB!)

Please let me not feel _____ when I see a piece of fabric that I covet used ________ly. Seriously I should have nicer feelings about "stuff" in general. & I have things going on in my real life that I should be going this energy to.
(I really wanted to drop a note - "Did you not know that that fabric is selling for $10 a fat quarter on Ebay before you did THAT?") I would show you a picture, but... (I keep telling myself, at least she "used" it.)

I search on flickr by "key words" (Quilt, patchwork, & applique) so why did I see a heck of a lot of gardening photos today? (Did I mention that I am feeling snarky?)

If on a day like today, having 300+ blogs on my bloglines seems manageable, why does that seem so daunting on Monday? (Maybe because I don't really check out blogs on the weekend... Yeah, that could be it.) So I have been trying to cull them once again... But then there are so many "new" or "new to me" blogs out there! Once upon a time ago, I had only quilting blogs, now I have cooking, knitting, & mom blogs... I have culled most of the knitting ones, because the yarn p0rn isn't doing anything for me. & I culled the ones with really beautiful photography - because they make me feel inadequate. Do you cull your bloglines?

Will I ever sew or cut fabric again? (At least I button-holed 1 block yesterday & my swap quilts are being tracked by the postal services & at least my machine is still in the shop, so I have "that" excuse.) I thought that I would have X, Y, & Z cut out so that I could sew, sew, sew once my machine got back from servicing! Oh heck, I thought that my hand work cats would have been done YEARS ago, too.

Anyone going to Hershey on Saturday? My husband & I are & then we are going to have dinner in the Circular Dining Room at the Hotel Hershey - @ 5 miles from the Hershey Lodge - aka quilt show. I am so excited - I have perused the menu & pretty much know what I am getting besides a chocolate soufle! (Snarky Snarkington does not feel like hyperlinking to those hotels or online menus...)


Mama Koch said...

snark·y (snär'kē)
adj. snark·i·er, snark·i·est Slang

1-Rudely sarcastic or disrespectful; snide.
2-Irritable or short-tempered; irascible.

Yeah, you're entitled to a few days like that!
Enjoy Hershey...I'd love to come up there sometime.

Kay said...

Do you see this blog? I thought the two of you have alot in common.

Jules said...

I haven't been to Hershey in years. In fact, the last time I was at Hershey Park, Jungle Love was at the top of the charts. Have a blast. Eat some good food. Enjoy the Hershey Kiss lights.

Karol-Ann said...

Don't worry about the sewing mojo. It comes it goes (probably hormaonal!)
Rest is definitely more important for you!!!

Karol-Ann said...

I meant hormonal LOL Not Hor-'moan'-nal ROTFLOL!!

Exuberant Color said...

Being pregnant in the summer, yeah you are allowed some snarkiness.

Ruth's Place said...

You are entirely entitled to feel snarky.

I am in the process of culling my blog lines - I just can't keep up and the weight of all the unread ones oppresses me.

Go on, show us the ugly fabric use, you could give it a different name, but we'd know....