Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gender Neutral Baby Quilt

Gender Neutral Baby Quilt
Originally uploaded by alissaravelry

This is not my quilt...

But this quilt reminded me that ORANGE is a gender neutral color too. (Which is a good thing because some of those cloth diapers are orange!)

I can see myself doing thise with some of my scraps. - Not that I have cut any fabric in days... My machine is still in the shop & I am too lazy to pull out the featherweight & I have some hand work to do.

I wish that I had some Heater Ross VW Vans on blue.... (I have some on pink, but that blue looks so good with the orange...)


Alissa said...


A quick note to say thank you so much for blogging about my quilt! It's so much fun for me to see!!


Michael5000 said...

Technically, of course, ALL colors are gender nuetral, really. Having said that, I do like the orange-in-the-baby-quilt idea; it really gives this one some oomph!