Thursday, July 31, 2008

different stuff, different day (for the most part)

1. I know that I need more fabric (etc.) like I need a new hole in my head. Based upon the fabric diet badges & number of people keeping track of their usage, I am not alone, but... Hancock's of Paducah (one of the better online retailers IMHO - based upon quality not customer service - not that I have personally had any issues, but I have heard of issues through the grapevine.) is having a sale through August 1 - so you need to hurry. Free Shipping internationally on orders over $80 US and domestic orders over $50. Just enter July08.

I only mention this because I can safely shop online. I fill my basket without regard to reality. I then go back & decide, "Do I "need" one in each color?" "Can I get it under $100?" & cull accordingly. 99.9% of the time by the end of the day I shut down the computer without pulling out my credit card, but I had the fun of shopping.

2. Last night I did not meet any of my goals. It was rather early & I knew that I was not going to sew - that left a small amount of cutting... I did not do that either. I just did not feel well. I am meeting my GF for dinner tomorrow night, so I hope to do my Wednesday night goals on Thursday night. On Saturday, I have to work like th dickens to get the baby's 2/3 of the room ready for the furniture delivery - ack! (I think that seeing the furniture will motivate me to sew for the baby. One of those reality moments! Oh by the way, while pressing on my tummy, I think that I felt the baby - once. But I was hungry, so it might have been my stomach growling!)

3. Another Kitty picture or 2:
My companion ready for some petting This is Rhapsody, sitting next to her momma waiting for a lap or some serious petting.
My big helper at the ready & RB sitting next to the computer - also ready for some petting!

I doubt that these two will be lacking in attention with the addition of a new little person. They are persistent & around, if I am home & you want to find RB, look for me. Can you picture me holding a suckling infant while petting two cats - who are probably both scrambling for lap space!


Pattie said...

Hi there -

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your comment about the quilt show made me laugh!

I'm picturing you feeding your baby, with two cats vying for your attention. It makes a nice image, actually - very calming! I hope reality turns out to be as nice!

Carin said...

LOL about the baby and the cats! They are both beautiful cats.

Tanya said...

You never know. Sometimes even the husband can get pushed aside when there is a new baby in the house. Hope you all cuddle up together!

Jacquie said...

it will be interesting to see how the cats react to your new family member. we had to really work with our lab.