Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dearest Readers

Thanks for all of the advice on my zucchini bread issue. I will now be making mixed bread. (Yes, I think that is funny!) While I have had carrot cake & I make a nut loaf that uses carrots, I did not know that you could add it into a zucchini bread. Nice tidbit if trivia to keep in my stocking cap. BTW If in the fall we get rutabegas, I may try rutabega bread - althoug those guys are nice added to mashed potaotes too.

Thanks for the reminder on my goals.
I cut out the 71 trains - slightly over 1/2 are the preferred brand. :o) I did not want to swiss cheese the fabric to get any more - especially since there were not enough for 100% to begin with and I did not want to do that with the brand taking up about 1 square inch in a 4.5 inch square...

& I cut the "5 darks" part of the 9-patches. I will cut the 4 lights tonight.

Not on my goals list, but needed cutting last night - narrow inner borders for a project that has aged significantly & Outer borders for a different even more significantly aged top.

So in addition to cutting those lights, I hope to sew on the railroad crossing quilt & the borders on the two oldies.

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Joyce said...

Let us know how the bread turns out. I would hesitate to use rutubagas in a sweet dish. The flavour is pretty strong.