Monday, July 21, 2008

CSA, Quilting, Kitten, rant(s), ETC.


We got a lot of goodies in our CSA bag this week.
Green beans, tomato, apricots, peaches, plums, 3 kinds of summer squash, & potatoes.
That combined with what we picked up at a local orchard - MIL needed a drive :o) (Not unlike bad little girls needing to visit the ladies room.) I am now ready to make peach cobbler from scratch. :o) (I should get some vanilla ice cream from the store.)


I finally stitched down the binding on one of the doll quilts last night - & about 1/4 on the other. :o)

My Mojo is still missing, but I did it (by hand, nicely)!


The kitten is progressing nicely - took lots of ultrasound photos (blood flow through the heart, bones, etc.)
Here is one of them - they did not scan well. (Or not, blogger is not playing nicely - it does not recognize .pdf - I think that a digital photo might look better any way - stay tuned.) I have officially popped in a few outfits - I can kind of hide it in a couple of others.

A rant or 3

1. My husband went with me to the untrasound appointment... I have been saying forever that "WE" did not want to know the gender. So when the tech asked, "Do you want to know?" Before I could even open my mouth, "I want to know but she doesn't." came blurting out of his mouth! (This is why I am hiring a Doula - I just know that he is going to ask the wrong question or say the wrong thing & earn himself a 1-way ticket to the waiting room!)
I arrived with a full bladder, but the urge did not accompany it... After many baby photographs, the tech needed to measure my cervix - the full bladder was not helping - so I went the relieve myself - leaving my husband to get he answer to the $24,000 question. What you may not understand (Part of the reason why I can not do mystery quilts) is that if someone else knows, I want to know. I would be so o.k. if he did not know... Now that he knows, I will get it out of him by any means necessary or I will ask the OBGYN on Wednesday the 30th. :o) (I am in a group practice, so the Dr. I see next, I have not seen previously - so he has no idea about my wanting or not wanting to know...)
2. My MIL came to town on Friday (She had several medical tests recently) & my husband asked her how she is... "Fine." was the response. Not unlike me, he wasn't settling for that. So on Saturday, we took her out for a ride in the country to get the scoop. (Details not necessary - this is just illustrative.) She finally cajoled my wedding ring out of my possesion - I am tired of her asking & the lies (new reasons for wanting it). (Another illustrarion.) After many dealings with is mother, Michael asked me, "Am I like that?" "YES!" Now he knows... (& I saved the truely gorey details.)
3. I am back in the office & the pile of "While you were out" is outrageous! Not to mention that I "planned" for proposals in 10-plicate to arrive today... ACK!


This comes from the file of "Do other people wonder about the same stuff?"
When you go to the restroom & the cleaning lady is doing her job, Do you feel guilty? I do. Since I snack my way through the day, I wash my hands thoroughly - so I feel extra guilty, because she sat there waiting to wipe out the basin.

More on the MIL - she brought a lovely crocheted layette set for the kitten.

Husband had a fairly nice birthday.

Visited the Clara Barton Historic site.

Surfed the blogs - lots of lovely stuff going on out there!

Not unlike others, I've got some quilting Mojo - right now - when I should be working...


Vicki W said...

Your MIL took your wedding ring??????? What?

andsewitis Holly said...

So your hubby knows the gender and you don't. That's got to be eating at you.

Ruth's Place said...

More with the ring please!

Yes, I feel guilty about the rest room thing too.

Karol-Ann said...

Tricky that he knows. I always wanted to know because I'm just like that (hate surprises!!).
I don't think he should have been told if you didn't want to know though! But it doesn't matter as long as it's healthy.
Your MIL sounds so difficult. I hope things ease when there's a baby - they often do.