Thursday, July 31, 2008

different stuff, different day (for the most part)

1. I know that I need more fabric (etc.) like I need a new hole in my head. Based upon the fabric diet badges & number of people keeping track of their usage, I am not alone, but... Hancock's of Paducah (one of the better online retailers IMHO - based upon quality not customer service - not that I have personally had any issues, but I have heard of issues through the grapevine.) is having a sale through August 1 - so you need to hurry. Free Shipping internationally on orders over $80 US and domestic orders over $50. Just enter July08.

I only mention this because I can safely shop online. I fill my basket without regard to reality. I then go back & decide, "Do I "need" one in each color?" "Can I get it under $100?" & cull accordingly. 99.9% of the time by the end of the day I shut down the computer without pulling out my credit card, but I had the fun of shopping.

2. Last night I did not meet any of my goals. It was rather early & I knew that I was not going to sew - that left a small amount of cutting... I did not do that either. I just did not feel well. I am meeting my GF for dinner tomorrow night, so I hope to do my Wednesday night goals on Thursday night. On Saturday, I have to work like th dickens to get the baby's 2/3 of the room ready for the furniture delivery - ack! (I think that seeing the furniture will motivate me to sew for the baby. One of those reality moments! Oh by the way, while pressing on my tummy, I think that I felt the baby - once. But I was hungry, so it might have been my stomach growling!)

3. Another Kitty picture or 2:
My companion ready for some petting This is Rhapsody, sitting next to her momma waiting for a lap or some serious petting.
My big helper at the ready & RB sitting next to the computer - also ready for some petting!

I doubt that these two will be lacking in attention with the addition of a new little person. They are persistent & around, if I am home & you want to find RB, look for me. Can you picture me holding a suckling infant while petting two cats - who are probably both scrambling for lap space!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Funny & a "personal" question

To which my cat replied, At least you only have to push out one Kitten.

The question:
If you were "pleasantly plump" brfore getting pregnant, when were you able to first feel the baby moving? (The doctor asked me if I could feel the baby moving & I can't. Does that mean that I am too fat?)

A quilt by me...

Here is my boy baby testing out my newly quilted quilt:
RB on the newly quilted quilt
More often that not, this is where you can find him. I guess that means that it is time for me to fold it up and put it away, huh?
Here is a shot of the quilting:
That is so perfect for this piece!
Here is a portion of the back:
Love that fabric - it is flannel!
The batting is wool!

I showed the quilt top earlier.

Dearest Readers

Thanks for all of the advice on my zucchini bread issue. I will now be making mixed bread. (Yes, I think that is funny!) While I have had carrot cake & I make a nut loaf that uses carrots, I did not know that you could add it into a zucchini bread. Nice tidbit if trivia to keep in my stocking cap. BTW If in the fall we get rutabegas, I may try rutabega bread - althoug those guys are nice added to mashed potaotes too.

Thanks for the reminder on my goals.
I cut out the 71 trains - slightly over 1/2 are the preferred brand. :o) I did not want to swiss cheese the fabric to get any more - especially since there were not enough for 100% to begin with and I did not want to do that with the brand taking up about 1 square inch in a 4.5 inch square...

& I cut the "5 darks" part of the 9-patches. I will cut the 4 lights tonight.

Not on my goals list, but needed cutting last night - narrow inner borders for a project that has aged significantly & Outer borders for a different even more significantly aged top.

So in addition to cutting those lights, I hope to sew on the railroad crossing quilt & the borders on the two oldies.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dear Blog Readers - I need your help

Can you use yellow squash in addition to zucchini in zucchini bread?
Here is my recipe... (I like that it uses cocoa powder instead of a block of baking chocolate. I also like that it is non-dairy. Can you tell that the Kitten likes chocolate?)

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

3 eggs
1 cup vegetable oil
2 cups sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 cups zucchini peeled, shredded (about 1 medium)
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup baking cocoa
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon cinnamon, ground
1/4 teaspoon baking powder

1. In a mixing bowl, beat eggs, oil, sugar and vanilla.
2. Stir in zucchini.
3. Combine dry ingredients; add to zucchini mixture and mix well.
4. Pour into two greased 8x4x3-inch loaf pans.
5. Bake at 350°F for 1 hour or until bread tests done. Makes 2 loaves.

Doll Quilt Swap 4

Doll Quilt Swap 4
Originally uploaded by maddieandme1

My partner got her doll quilt & she likes it! YAY! (Yes, I was worried...)
I need to do the one for my doll quilt wall - the pieces are all cut out.

goals du jour

Since I am apparently motivated by goals that are written down - as in "Gee it would be pretty bad if I did not post that I finished that tomorrow" I am going to write down my goals for tonight.

Luckily, my OB appt. is during lunch (Shucks, I forgot my hand work bag.) so I don't have that time killer eating into my sewing time.

Tonight, I want to:
Cut out the 71 trains for the dark squares.
Cut the blocks for my baby's quilt. (9-patch with larger inner square alternating with solid white squares.)
I need to cut while the cutting table is in the Stewdio - I don't think that it will fit with the baby furniture - THAT alone should be motivation enough!

Cook a breakfast scramble for dinner - Pan roasted potatoes, sauteed onions (I need to get some of those) veggie sausage, & scrambled eggs - maybe even some cheese if the baby is still craving dairy!

Be sure to ask me about my goals... :o)

More from the quilt show

(I'll have photos of my own stuff later this week - Yes, I met up with the long armer yesterday. Yes, we are happy!)

Also for those of you who are keeping me on the straight & narrow - I turned 200 squares into 50 4-patches last night (including the pressing!) & I seamed the backing!

I did not make the cake, I was not in the mood to "cook or clean" I had a bowl of cereal for dinner...

This is going to sound a bit snarky - but we all like what we like...
My GF was not able to go to the show. She knows someone who went to the show on Thursday or Friday - I went on Saturday. That gal was raving about this quilt:
quilt So my GF asked me to take a picture. (This quilt does absolutely nothing for me whatsoever!) So why am I blogging it - for the story.

I liked this one because it reminds me of the type of photos that I like to take...

Caveat: I usually do not go for the beaded (rhinestoned) quilt but this one:
quilt - heavily beaded Those beads are so effective & so numerous! (I hope you can see them...)

This is the new quilt by one of my favorite quilters:
(I loved her yellow bedroom with the Westie & the living room with the kitty in the past. I should link back to posts in my own blog, but...)
This is another of my favorite quilters:
quilt - applique I have liked everything that she has done (period)! (Ditto linking back.)

Doesn't the girls face remind you of that famour National Geographic cover?
quilt - applique

I am sharing this one because it is only about 10 inches square! (Yes it is pieced, not painted.)
quilt - miniature (10 inch square)

Monday, July 28, 2008


I am completely blaming this on on the Gypsy Quilter. I saw her post yesterday & immediately called my grandmother for her recipe (or more exactly for her Aunt Helen's recipe.)

"Aunt Helen's Chocolate Water Cake" - recipe from the 1930's
(no old cake pans for me... I'll go buy a foil pan - less clean-up & less complaining from the cleaning comittee)
pre heat 300 degrees (less warm that most recipes)
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup shortening
vanilla (I just squirt & the recipe failed to mention how much)
3 cups flour
2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup cocoa
2 cups cold water

pour into an oblong pan & cook until done (I'll use the toothpick after 30 minutes).
The best part - I have all of the ingredients on hand - but I'll buy a bag of sugar just in case - I know we are low on that one.)

Do I need anything else for dinner? If you can think of anything, let me know!

Was I ahead of the curve?

The whole quilt:
quilt - applique
The quilting detail:
quilt - quilting
A long time ago, I had Judy quilt my border ephasizing the print as well:
detail of one of my quilts Can you tell? Was I ahead of the curve?

This time at the quilt show, I had a different rationale for taking photos... I have no idea which quilt was the grand champion - I did not pay attention to that! If the quilts that I photographed got ribbons, that is pure happenstance. This time around, I took pictures based upon visual stimluation.

This one was my favorite:
quilt - applique (I did not even notice the gradiation in the balloon bouquets until I saw the picture this morning.)
A close-up:
quilt - applique Rather unusual for me, this quilt actually seems "doable." can you see it in a baby's room?

This one also excited me:
quilt I have always liked striped prints. BTW the orangey-pink ones really pop-out when this quilt is viewed as a small size... (The rest of the quilt almost looks gray in comparison.) I guess that would be your "zinger!" The one that makes you stop & actually look at the quilt!

On my own personal quilting front...
I did the button-hole applique on 3 more blocks last night - 6 more to go!
I also played with my taupe charms - 1/2 of my wants to put them in a snowball quilt, the other 1/2 of my wants to make sure that I don't need the dark darks for my Double-X quilt (one of those value based quilts that I usually avoid!) Either way, I need to cut more charms for the showball & I need to cut a lot (All of it) for the Double-X. Oh & have I mentioned that I want to do a traditional (with triangles) card tricks quilt with my taupes as well.

Hopefully tonight, I will piece the back for the group quilt so that I can send it off for quilting. I would also like to turn 200 squares into 50 4-patches for the quilt for my dad. (I would also like to do at least 2 more button-hole applique blocks.)

O.K. I wrote down my goals...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Partial Weekend Wrap-up - It is only Sunday @9:30 a.m.

Friday afterwork, I was talking to my husband on the phone & he mentioned calling the quilt shop to check on my machine. (They are usually really good about calling when the machines are ready for pick-up, so I did not call even though they had had the machine for quite a while.) he called, they forgot to tag it & call me to pick it up...

So I got our rental car (Automatic so that my husband can drive it well - rather than well enough to get me to the hospital) for the weekend & then got my machine!

That evening, I cooked the last of the CSA veggies for the week with some sausages - then I gave them back to the plumbing recepitcle... Some time things just don't sit well with the Kitten. (I think that it is quantity more than anything, but that is not 100% true either.)

Saturday, we went to Hershey, Pennsylvania for the quilt show (photos later). Started out with a homemade picnic lunch - so nice to be prepared everyonce in a while... Took a spin around the merchant mall & spent my GC & saw Debby - She gave me two gifties - one for a boy baby & one for a girl baby, since I still don't know the gender, I have not opened the gifties yet - yes, I am breaking my arm patting myself on the back over that one. Then we went to see the show. Some repeats from other shows & some new quilts.

Soap box moment coming... I can look at a show rather quickly... My husband did not 100% appreciate/realize that fact because we often go with a slower looker... You see I am not a placcard reader... I only jotted down info. for you, but now that I have been the victim of a "witch hunt" I have decided not to take down titles or makers names. If they can not search for their title or name, than they can not find it, not the best approach, but that is what they want apparently, because at least one was not happy with COMPLETE attribution - I pity the person who thought that a photo with the barrier tape & my crappy photo taking abilities was going to be "used" in anyway by anyone trying to "make a buck" off of their work. I mean they did enter into a public show where photography is allowed...

Back off the box

So after we viewed the show & the merchant mall, we went to the outlets & got a few things for the Kitten - including 4 books. :o)

We then returned to the show & looked again at the Merchant mall...
I got several things that I was in the market for! (& not many that I was not there to find!)
I wanted a quilting stencil. (or 2 or 3) Check!
I wanted #8 black perl cotton. (Available all over, but I was going to be at the show & I'd prefer to support the vendors than the big box stores.) Check!
I was willing to entertain the idea of buying a charm pack of Kaffe Fassett prints. (I did not need it, but I do have a snow ball quilt growing in my mind/stash.) Check!
Gifties for my mini-group. Check! (YAY - This one is always so hard for me!)
Taupes - hopefully a charm pack & hopefully the flower pot template. Check & check! (But the template will be mailed to me.) & a few other fat quarters and a 1 yard cut - I had to use the whole gift certificate! (Now I can work on my Double X quilt - yeah right after I finish the top for my dad & a quilt or 3 or 4 for the Kitten.)
I got some lovely fabrics at Debby's booth that were so not on my list... I did not get any cat prints, altough I wanted to...

Then we went to Dinner at the Circular Dining room at the Hotel Hershey. (Fancy Schmancy, but worth it every once in a while.) The food was all beautifully presented & tasted wonderful as well - especially the chocolate butter! (I could have just eaten sourdough bread with chocolate butter!) I ate more than enough - which could be considered suprising considering the restaurant - know what I mean? So not unlike the night before, this food stayed with me, I guess the Kitten likes chocolate - the souffle was wonderful! (Although I was intrigued by the chocolate basil tart too. I should have gotten that - I have had & can have a souffle locally - now the chocolate basil tart, that might have been a one time chance...)

We then returned home without incident - except that after we fed two STARVING kitties, they gave it back to the plumbing recepticle as well. (Oh, I wish they bothered to make it to a plumbing recepticle...)

Here it is Sunday morning & I am back from getting our CSA share for the week - corn cantaloupe, squash, cucumber, tomatoes, potatoes, peaches, & blueberries - I passed on the green peppers - While I will eat them if they are presented to me, I will not choose them - so I know that we would not eat it this week...

The blueberries are good - even if they are a bit squashed - you see I was in a turn lane & there was a turn lane next to me - the driver in the lane next to me really wanted to be in my lane & nearly hit me to get there - I had to honk & swerve to stay out of an accident. Consequently, my blueberries that had been nicely on top, ended up under the peaches... Oh well, they still taste good.

Now I need to get some work done - not sure how much - all this chatter about the quilt show has me itching to stitch!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I would show you a picture but...

(I am feeling a bit snarky - I learned from the best, my boy cat, RB!)

Please let me not feel _____ when I see a piece of fabric that I covet used ________ly. Seriously I should have nicer feelings about "stuff" in general. & I have things going on in my real life that I should be going this energy to.
(I really wanted to drop a note - "Did you not know that that fabric is selling for $10 a fat quarter on Ebay before you did THAT?") I would show you a picture, but... (I keep telling myself, at least she "used" it.)

I search on flickr by "key words" (Quilt, patchwork, & applique) so why did I see a heck of a lot of gardening photos today? (Did I mention that I am feeling snarky?)

If on a day like today, having 300+ blogs on my bloglines seems manageable, why does that seem so daunting on Monday? (Maybe because I don't really check out blogs on the weekend... Yeah, that could be it.) So I have been trying to cull them once again... But then there are so many "new" or "new to me" blogs out there! Once upon a time ago, I had only quilting blogs, now I have cooking, knitting, & mom blogs... I have culled most of the knitting ones, because the yarn p0rn isn't doing anything for me. & I culled the ones with really beautiful photography - because they make me feel inadequate. Do you cull your bloglines?

Will I ever sew or cut fabric again? (At least I button-holed 1 block yesterday & my swap quilts are being tracked by the postal services & at least my machine is still in the shop, so I have "that" excuse.) I thought that I would have X, Y, & Z cut out so that I could sew, sew, sew once my machine got back from servicing! Oh heck, I thought that my hand work cats would have been done YEARS ago, too.

Anyone going to Hershey on Saturday? My husband & I are & then we are going to have dinner in the Circular Dining Room at the Hotel Hershey - @ 5 miles from the Hershey Lodge - aka quilt show. I am so excited - I have perused the menu & pretty much know what I am getting besides a chocolate soufle! (Snarky Snarkington does not feel like hyperlinking to those hotels or online menus...)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The things I think about...

If I clean out my address book, will I regret it later? (I just did that oft put off chore.)

Why when I put in cold water the ice does not melt (We have fintered water in the fridge as well as filtered ice water & that is my official craving. I think my body is making up for the previous 3 decades full of kool-aid & soda.), but when I finish bottle number one by 6 a.m. & decide to add the water from a store bought bottle - instead of starting a new bottle with ice - all of the ice melts...

Why are both of my cats super nosey? I got a big box from an online retailer of baby stuff - you should have seen those 2!

How funny is it that "Mr. I like to play with string" was less than thrilled when he caught the mint floss? (A new habit for me - flossing.)

If/when I find out the gender of the kitten - will I still want to make the baby's stuff/room gender neutral?

Why do I now want to know? (My husband is trying really hard to convince me that the tech was being cryptic & so he really does not know the gender.) When he was left alone with her, he mentioned that we have a name picked out for a baby girl, but not for a boy - she replied "You need to be prepared for either" - that got extrapolated into - you are having a boy - whether or not that was correct is up in the air.

Why when I rationally thing - don't buy baby clothes, you will probably get them as a gift, do I not have the same thoughts when it comes to toys & books? (If you saw my list...) I want just about everything that is available for sale at "Oy Toys."

When will I be "in the mood" to sew - for my baby?

How long until I break down & call the LQS to check on my sewing machine?

If it feels so good to have my swap quilts done, why do I put off finishing them? (The should both hit the mail today - one is headed for Australia, the other to Texas. I failed to measure them, I hope that they are with in the guidelines. If not, I am officially blaming my baby brain.)

Why when I decide that I want to off load some photos from my cell phone do I realize that I left it at home?

Will I be "in the mood" to cook dinner tonight? What constitutes "cooking?" (I am "in the mood" for a tomato & mayo sandwich...)

Does anyone elses brain rattle about like this or is this "baby brain?"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It is peach season

So I made peach cobbler. AWESOME! Unfortunately my pie plate was not big enough & I made a big mess in the oven. Also since I had the vent on, I could not hear the timer, so this baked longer that called for - but it was still AWESOME! Some of my peaches were "cosmetically challenged" they still tasted great!

I wanted to make a peach shortcake recipe that I saw on TV, but the show only shared one recipe from that episode & it wasn't the shortcake recipe. (I officially will not be buying the cookbook for that very reason & because most of the recipes would not work with my dietary restrictions. I watch several cooking shows on PBS on Saturday afternoons - this one fills the 1/2 hour between the shows that I want to watch.) I googled for something similar & came up short - so I switched to cobbler.

Dogwood Quilt Collection • 1st Strike-offs

Dogwood Quilt Collection • 1st Strike-offs
Originally uploaded by cicadastudio

Fabric that I can't wait to see in the stores - especially the birds on blue & cream... (Due out later this year.)


All links lead to ebay... I decided - hey I want some of that van fabric, lets see if it is available... So I googled it & even if the URL says something completely different, 9 times out of 10 it goes to ebay - where I can get a fat quarter for about $10! No thanks... When did that ebay thing start happening? Has anyone else had that experience?

Back to quilting all of you early birds...

Gender Neutral Baby Quilt

Gender Neutral Baby Quilt
Originally uploaded by alissaravelry

This is not my quilt...

But this quilt reminded me that ORANGE is a gender neutral color too. (Which is a good thing because some of those cloth diapers are orange!)

I can see myself doing thise with some of my scraps. - Not that I have cut any fabric in days... My machine is still in the shop & I am too lazy to pull out the featherweight & I have some hand work to do.

I wish that I had some Heater Ross VW Vans on blue.... (I have some on pink, but that blue looks so good with the orange...)

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Calico Kitten

The Calico Kitten
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

The 4-D ultrasound. That is the baby's face (the other stuff is placenta & uterus.)

The Calico Kitten

The Calico Kitten
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

The traditional Ultrasound - baby in profile includes a view of the spine.

A little more information - Wedding Ring

When Jewish men marry, they place the ring on the index finger of the right hand of the bride.

(We used a family heirloom...)

Afterwards, most women move it to the customary "ring finger" of the left hand.

The reason goes back to the time of the Talmud and the differences in beliefs at that time about which finger is closer or more direct to the heart! Christianity taught the ring finger; Judaism taught the index finger. Of course the heart is essentially in the middle anyway.

Fidelity, which is the meaning of the ring, has less to do with the heart than a strong conscience and sense of integrity.

Thus, any finger will do. Some suggest that the ring is really round because part of the ceremony was to give a gift to the bride of a minimum amount of value in the form of a coin, and a ring is a coin that can be "worn" on a finger.

It is less well known is that in most traditional Jewish ceremonies, the bride does not give a ring to her groom nor does she make a statement as does the groom to the bride. This is because of the ancient legal essence of the wedding or marriage ceremony, from a Jewish point of view. It wasn't a sacrament as much as a public statement of responsibility. However, today most brides want to give a ring to the groom and most grooms are willing to wear a ring.

(After the ceremony, my husband & I exchanged rings that actually fit our fingers.)

CSA, Quilting, Kitten, rant(s), ETC.


We got a lot of goodies in our CSA bag this week.
Green beans, tomato, apricots, peaches, plums, 3 kinds of summer squash, & potatoes.
That combined with what we picked up at a local orchard - MIL needed a drive :o) (Not unlike bad little girls needing to visit the ladies room.) I am now ready to make peach cobbler from scratch. :o) (I should get some vanilla ice cream from the store.)


I finally stitched down the binding on one of the doll quilts last night - & about 1/4 on the other. :o)

My Mojo is still missing, but I did it (by hand, nicely)!


The kitten is progressing nicely - took lots of ultrasound photos (blood flow through the heart, bones, etc.)
Here is one of them - they did not scan well. (Or not, blogger is not playing nicely - it does not recognize .pdf - I think that a digital photo might look better any way - stay tuned.) I have officially popped in a few outfits - I can kind of hide it in a couple of others.

A rant or 3

1. My husband went with me to the untrasound appointment... I have been saying forever that "WE" did not want to know the gender. So when the tech asked, "Do you want to know?" Before I could even open my mouth, "I want to know but she doesn't." came blurting out of his mouth! (This is why I am hiring a Doula - I just know that he is going to ask the wrong question or say the wrong thing & earn himself a 1-way ticket to the waiting room!)
I arrived with a full bladder, but the urge did not accompany it... After many baby photographs, the tech needed to measure my cervix - the full bladder was not helping - so I went the relieve myself - leaving my husband to get he answer to the $24,000 question. What you may not understand (Part of the reason why I can not do mystery quilts) is that if someone else knows, I want to know. I would be so o.k. if he did not know... Now that he knows, I will get it out of him by any means necessary or I will ask the OBGYN on Wednesday the 30th. :o) (I am in a group practice, so the Dr. I see next, I have not seen previously - so he has no idea about my wanting or not wanting to know...)
2. My MIL came to town on Friday (She had several medical tests recently) & my husband asked her how she is... "Fine." was the response. Not unlike me, he wasn't settling for that. So on Saturday, we took her out for a ride in the country to get the scoop. (Details not necessary - this is just illustrative.) She finally cajoled my wedding ring out of my possesion - I am tired of her asking & the lies (new reasons for wanting it). (Another illustrarion.) After many dealings with is mother, Michael asked me, "Am I like that?" "YES!" Now he knows... (& I saved the truely gorey details.)
3. I am back in the office & the pile of "While you were out" is outrageous! Not to mention that I "planned" for proposals in 10-plicate to arrive today... ACK!


This comes from the file of "Do other people wonder about the same stuff?"
When you go to the restroom & the cleaning lady is doing her job, Do you feel guilty? I do. Since I snack my way through the day, I wash my hands thoroughly - so I feel extra guilty, because she sat there waiting to wipe out the basin.

More on the MIL - she brought a lovely crocheted layette set for the kitten.

Husband had a fairly nice birthday.

Visited the Clara Barton Historic site.

Surfed the blogs - lots of lovely stuff going on out there!

Not unlike others, I've got some quilting Mojo - right now - when I should be working...

Friday, July 18, 2008

I have a Question (or several - who knows?)

1. I got a package of long sleeved preggie shirts yesterday. I am now ready for fall.
The Question: Am I ready becasue I want to wear the new shirts or because it is supposed to be 97 degrees Fahrenheit (37 Celsius) today?

2. I am going for my 20 week OB sonogram today. (I have already had a few, but who really wants to see a 6.5 week old fetus besides the family.)
The Question: Does anyone want to see it? We are scanning them for posterity & perhaps a scrapbook - I have enough SB supplies...

3. My MIL arrives in less that 12 hours, my husband has barely started to clean, it is hot as heck...
The Question: Can anyone send me some patience?

4. I still have not sewn in days.
The Question: Can anyone send me a "Roundtuit?" (I looked in the book, I need 71 fussy cut trains - I counted the "brand" that I want to emphasize is on 2 yards of fabric 24 times...)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where did my Mojo go?

Well, I thought (naievely) that when I dropped off my machine I would do the fussy cutting so that I would be ready to piece on the Railroad Crossing quilt once it got back... Not so.
They are still waiting for me to look at the book to see how many I need.

Have I finished the binding on those two doll quilts? Ummmm, no.

Have I button-holed on my applique blocks? Not this week. (But I am compensating by saying - some days last week, you did 3 blocks in a day... That is not getting me any closer to "done.")

On a good note, I pulled Heather Ross fabrics (I have some from West Hill & Lightning Bugs - I want the race cars, but I have been trying to be a good girl...) for a simple baby quilt (yes for my baby) But I have not cut for those blocks either. (Which I guess is a "good thing.") Here are 2 of them:

Then I was looking at flickr & bloglines & saw that Kathie has finished her baby quilt - that I love! I definately have a thing for blue & yellow quilts. Seeing Kathie's project made me think of my pieced cats. You can see the blue ones here. Some yellow ones are here. I have pieced these all on my featherweight - so I have been thinking about pulling that out... (BTW I have made so many cats - or cut them out that I will be making 4 of those quilts - 1 that is blue, 1 that is yellow, 1 that is blue & yellow, & one that uses my Judaic prints.) How was that for a blast from the past - yes, I am still blogging about a UFO that was a UFO in 2006!

While I am thinking about taking out the Featherweight, I have not... My mojo has left. I will probably be in the mood again when my MIL is in town. :o)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pregnancy & one more thing that you don't think about before getting pregnant

Preggie clothes - & I'm not talking about those "Knocked-Up" T-Shirts

I think that I am pretty o.k, for summer - I have an assortment plain t-shirts, a couple long shorts, a couple capris, a skirt, 2 dresses, & a couple pants that I hope will last a while... (I'm not a pants wearer in general, but skirts are not to be found in my local big box stores. What they do have are SHORT shorts... ACK!) Oh & lets not mention my size - it is the first one to be sold - I must truely be "average" I just wish that stores realized that & stocked more in my size.

So I just had my husband order 4 long length skirts - perfect for late fall/winter probably o.k. for the air conditioned office too & I got several long sleeved shirts...

The reason for this rant - we have been saving for baby stuff, but the idea of buying preggie stuff never crossed my mind (I am not a clothes shopper - so this is "new" for me. I always spent in quilting.)

Hopefully this will carry me through the pregnancy...

Monday, July 14, 2008

The weekend, quilting, CSA, etc.

There was only one "person" other than my husband who was more interested in getting into the box from Kelly's Closet. (Yes, we are ready to diaper a baby...)
RB on a box
I stopped my husband before he got a chance to try to diaper the cat!

The second part of my doll quilt swap was this birdy:
Doll Quilt Swap birdy This was very appropriate for me as I hope to make a bird mobile for the baby's room.

I left you saying that I needed to baste my doll quilts...
Doll Quilts Here they are basted & quilted with the binding attached - now to hand sew the binding to the backs.

Railroad Crossing quilt update & a confession:
A couple people asked why I did not just make the blocks bigger instead of trimming all of those charms down... (without getting into the math of it all...)
A. I swapped for some of those charms & so they were not necessarily 5 inches on all sides nor were they necessarily square.
B. When I cut my own fabrics to add to the Nickel collection - I wasn't the most careful with cutting myself or I cut big knowing that at least 90% of the patterns had you at least trimming them down - my more favorite patterns used the 2.5 x 4.5 inch rectangles & the 2.5 inch squares.
C. The Terry Martin directions assumed that you would be using strings & scraps - so after you sewed the rectangles together, you needed to trim the unit to size - which is fine with me - less super accurate cutting or sewing...
D. With this kind of thing, I don't cut, sew or press very accurately - I just trim up well.
E. I actually like the monotany mindless trimming... GASP! (I watched several hours worth of BBC American Documentaries while doing that "chore.")
Here are my results from yesterday's trimming:
Railroad Crossing Quilt pieces 200 light squares & 120 pieced rectangles. Now to fussy cut trains....

My sewing machine had to go back for another servicing - I ran over a pin while piecing those tumblers (I am a lot more careful while doing that kind of piecing...)

CSA - Peaches, apricots, potatoes, squash, zuchini, plums, green beans, & a white eggplant. All those compliment the apples, bananas, & cherries that we got at the store. Not to mention the fact that my husbands favorite lunch meat packages were on sale for about 1/2 price. :o)

I hope to reschedule my 20 week sonogram for this week. (I am in training & we have been getting out early, so that way I won't have to use my vacation time - I am saving it for when I actually have the baby.)

My MIL arrives for a visit this weekend... My husband's birthday is this weekend also... (So we have quite a bit planned - I think, those plans may be a bit fluid.)

I hope that everyone else had a productive weekend. :o)

Friday, July 11, 2008


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Here it is! That birdy & the stuffed birdy that accompanied it are going to be installed in the baby's room! (The purples in the branches will go perfectly with the wall color - we decided not to paint it - just to cover it with quilts!)

Doll Quilt Swap 4

Oh holy heck! There is nothing like getting your doll quilt in the mail to get you going on working on yours.... I am off to baste!
(I'll share a photo of the doll quilt that I got on Monday - unless I find it on flickr first.)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

current work in progress

As I stated yesterday, I am working on Railroad Crossing Quilt for my dad.
Here are 2 photos from 2 of my books:
Photo from a Marti Michell book From a book by Marti Michell - Quilting for People Who Still Don't Have Time to Quilt.
& this one from a book by Terry Martin, "Focus on Florals" (The cover quilt.)
Photo from a Terry Martin book

I am using Terry's directions, but I may piece the blocks the way Marti does.... (Terry has long rows, Marti pieces the "sashing" onto the blocks.)

Terry's quilt uses a mix of large squares and 4 patches to make up the large squares in the light background. I thought - you have a lot of light nickels.... (I needed 200, I pulled 210 without even thinking... Now I need to trim them all down to 4.5 inches.)

I also mentioned that I had a bag of strips that I was using for the strip pieced units. Well, I did not get enough "2's" out of those strips - so I went right back to my nickles and got similar prints to use in addition!

So far all of thise quilt is coming out of my stash! (I can admit that when I decided to do this quilt, I got a train print for the fussy cut dark squares, but it has been in my stash for so long...)

Here is my box of fabrics:
Some of my fabrics The whites/lights are untrimmed at this time, the leaf print is the stack that I made last night from my nickles.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A tale of two kitty helpers

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The rest of the story is below...

This is Rhapsody again, unlike her male companion, she sat nicely without nipping at her mommy - but then again her mommy was not actively sewing while she was sitting in the box waiting patiently for her attention time.

I got all of these sewn up last night., tonight I ger to press them open ans sew pairs into 4's.

A tale of 2 kitty helpers.

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After Setting aside the 30's tumblers, & working on piecing some backs and tops - I cut up some strips.

Before "noodles" & Jelly Rolls, one of my local shops had baggies of 2 inch wide strips - darks & lights for sale. (I think that they thought that the buyer would made a log cabin quilt with them...)

I bought one of each & there they sat for YEARS! So this weekend, I decided that since my father will be visiting after the birth, I should make the quilt that I have been planning to make for him forever - "railroad crossing." To say he is a Model railroad fan is to put is mildly.

So I am sewing the strips together in random pairings...

This one decided to nip at me because I was "bugging him."
(This photo is after that episode where I am counting strips & separating them a bit more for easier piecing. - yes he is covered in strips - he is a bit stubborn.)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Rhapsody the helper girl

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I almost for got, I pieced this top together too... I remember that I set it aside because I thought that I did not cut enough setting triangles... I had plenty - either way, this is now a top - & for those of you who thought I only blogged my boy cat, Here is my girl - she is a big helper too!

Now to piece a back for this one.

30's baby/crib quilt (tumbler "charm")

30's baby/crib quilt (tumbler "charm")
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

The case of "I make everything too big."

In my mind (based upon how much fabric I had on hand), I figured that 18 x 18 would be a good size quilt for the "calico kitten." When I layed out the rows - it looked like I was going to deliver a TODDLER!

I have now pretty much decided to make this into 2 quilts (I took blocks off of the rows & made more shorter rows,)

But I got in such a funk when I saw this that after I made those rows, I refused to sew them together!

So I pieced some backs for quilt tops that I ready to be sent off for long arming.

My access to computers will be very limited for the next two weeks, so I will catch up as I can...

Hope all is well out there in the blog-o-shpere. (I am more available by e-mail, so don't be shy...)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Anything going on out there?

Not much in here...

No sewing since the weekend...
No cutting since the weekend...
No starting anything new since the weekend - even with a lot of temptation yesterday...

I've kept up with my exercise by walking during lunch.

However, today I will be leaving work early to take RB to the vet - he has been having coughing fits... Hopefully they are nothing to worry about like all of his sneezing.

I am for the first time wearing a 100% maternity outfit. Which includes a white skirt (red shirt)- so when I ate my plum, I tried to ruin it righ away. Luckily the juice was light & I got it up right away.

I know that a lot of you have at least 1 patriotic quilt... I have a red white & blue quilt started - but it is not blatantly patriotic, that is just not my thing. (I don't decorate - at all let alone differently for the different holidays.) The funny thing is, is that I really like blue & white and red & white quilts - I'm just not drawn to the triad. (99.9% of the time I would use yellow instead of red.)

With that said, I do plan on going to the National Mall to see the Folklife Festival tomorrow & then I hope to bbq some shishkabobs before going to the county fairgrounds to see the fireworks. (I may even make strawberry shortcakes!) They are calling for rain in the evening...

No big plans for Saturday or Sunday, but for the two weeks after, I will be in training - not sure about internet access... The Monday after that I go in for my 20 week ultrasound... ;o) I am still amazed by the very thought. & a bit overwhelmed because the baby projects are in pieces & parts...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

an odd question

I have these templates.

Back story: Before blogging, I was ACTIVE on a couple yahoo lists & before flickr, I lurked on webshots. I found a quilt in progress that used this template - I talked one of my yahoo group buddies who was also a webshotter to ask what templates the lady was using, she updated her webshot information & the rest is history. They vend at the Lancaster show annually - so I jotted down the information & made my purchase the next year. I printed off all of the instructions & made grandiose plans in my head.

Several years later, I still have the templates, I still have not used them.

I am not sure how many of you have been to Minka's Studio - Martha has... Anyway Minka posted this lovely quilt which reminded me of my forlorn templates. & it inspired Martha to do this.

So my odd question is this: Can you mix batting in a project like this? I ask the question, because I have a quilt being long armed with a wool batt & I have one scheduled to be quilted with a silk batt & I plan to use a bamboo batt on the Kittens quilt(s). In addition to the cotton poly that I have on hand from all kinds of locations...

BTW if you have a photoless post, link the heck out of it!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The idiot quilter needs rescueing

My brain will "Never" get the hang of seam allowances.

Back story:
My husband got the Kaffe Fassett book, Passionate Patchwork through inter library loan in record time!

I had previously checked it out, but that pattern had not garnered my attention previously...

I now know why when I thought "all you do is cut a square in half diagonally & sew it back together" did not work... That is not what you do.

What you "could" do is follow the directions; however, my stripes are wider & more uniform than the ones in his pattern, so I won't. I know how to use the concept...

Which brings us to the idiot quilter question...

The center of the quilt is made up of small blocks, while the outside is made up of large blocks.

The large blocks are twice the size of the small blocks, so that everything fits together nicely without "spacers."

So if my small blocks were cut 3.5 inches, would my large blocks be cut 6.5 inches (or some other measurement)?

What if in the end I need to do 4.5 for the small blocks instead?

I know the burning question on everyones mind after my weekend full of goals met - did you sew last night - HECK no.

But I did cook & eat the beets!

& I went to my OB appointment, the kitten was moving a lot, but we are both doing fine. I got a script for the 20 week sonogram, I'll make the appointment after mr. Calico cat changes my dentist appointment.