Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The weekend's adventure

So we went to walk around the Monocacy National Battlefield on Sunday before heading to the box store that shall not be named here.
Monocacy National Battlefield
We hiked on 2 trails (one was about .5 miles the other was 1.9 & hilly)
Trail near Worthington House
This snake scared me half to death...
black snake on the trail near Worthington House He was on the trail & it took me a half of a second to realize what it was - I screamed, he slithered off - Hubby told me to take a picture.
We also saw these guys & gals:
DSC04984.JPG This park consists of 4 or 5 farms all of which are owned by the National Park Service, but the lands are leased to farmers, most have crops...
Bush Creek crossing Bush Creek crossing (sorry no history lesson here...)
The railroad bridge (still in use) This railroad bridge is still in use, but it was an avenue of escape during the Civil War. That is the Monocacy River (Conferderate victory - the rule of thumb is that Conferderate victories are named after the rivers, while the Union victories are named after the towns).
This was the covered bridge This was the covered bridge.
Lots more photos on my flickr - like the monuments...


Ruth's Place said...

Thanks for the tour! I love the snake picture, I'm just disappointed you didn't get closer lol, actually I'm amazed it stuck round long enough for you to get a shot of after you screaming and all :)

Jeanne said...

Beautiful photos! How did you manage to hold the camera still long enough to snap the picture of the snake? I would have been fifty feet in the other direction in no time. ;)

ROZ said...

Such great pictures, I feel like I visited there with you.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

What neat photos. And the snake wasn't unsafe so you were good to go. How is it I know this?

Florida. Water. Snakes Abound. I study them to be sure. If we're unsure then it must be unsafe.

This one was safe. Little punkin needs to be part of the lovely egosystem you just share.

Life Love, *karendianne.