Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekend recap

Friday night I went to see The Manhattan Transfer a The Kennedy Center. It was my GF's birthday. I wish I had remembered my camera - I had never been to The Kennedy Center & I definately would have liked to take some photographs.

We decided to walk on K Street to find something for dinner - we ended up at The Prime Rib - pretty much the first place that we passed... The food was worth all of the accolades.

Saturday I went to the quilt show in Virginia - I only spent $50 & most of that was on a finished quilt. The lady paired a vintage top with vintage chenille. (I have been eyeing chenille for a while as I believe that infants are very tactile creatures...) The top has a kitten - so I almost "Had" to buy it.

Sunday was my mini-group meeting day for the month - I missed the last two month because of a holiday & a luncheon. I finished the binding on a doll quilt - just in time to get it washed & dried & mailed on time! & I did the button hole stitching on one of my fused blocks - I need to get back at working on that project. The amount I need to do is more that what I have done & in my mind it was the other way around...

I then cooked a nice dairy meal for Shavout, one of the MAJOR Jewish Holidays, unlike Hanukkah - although more that a few people need to be reminded of that fact - says the lady who has not had a child during Hanukkah yet... We study the Book of Ruth at this time & I got an e-mail that considers how Ruth would be treated in America today... (It is political, but I will send a copy to anyone who is interested, just let me know in the comments & have an e-mail to which I can reply.)


Rian said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. Love Manhattan Transfer.

Libby said...

The Kennedy Center is definitely on my list, if we ever get back to DC again.

andsewitis Holly said...

I'm interested in a copy of that email, Amy :) Thanks in advance.

Jeanne said...

Hope to see the chenille quilt!
I'd like to read the Ruth article if you have a chance to send it.
Thanks ~ Jeanne

Ruth's Place said...

I'd like a copy of that email if you get the time. Thanks!