Monday, June 16, 2008

The weekend in review

So I went to a quilt show in Annapolis, Maryland on Saturday with my girlfriend & we both had a wonderful time. This local show is regularly very nice. This year they had far more vendors than in the past, which is good bad & indifferent for me! YAY!. I took 30+ photos, so I will be sharing them soon.

One of them that really caught my eye for some reason is this one:
DSC05177.JPG One more time I can honestly say, "I am not into 30's." BUT Doesn't that look perfect for a baby of either gender? I thought so too.
One of those vendors... had a pack of 120 4 in. x 8in. charms of 30's prints... I bought one... Bad for me. (but this was my only "real purchase.")
I spent a good portion of the rest of the weekend cutting them into tumblers for a baby quilt. Good for me.
I am also cutting them into thimbles fof a Summery doll quilt - 30's to me are summery - I look at them and see laundry on the line & a tall glass of freshly squeezed lemonade. Even better for me.
Besides, one of the first gifts that I got for the kitten is this bib that was made by my great grandmother in the 30's or 40's.
30's-40's crochet/knit bib made by my great grandmother Lucky for me I don't buy into blue is for boys...
Also at the Chantilly, Virginia quilt show I purchased this vintage 30's quilt.
Vintage 30's quilt with applique & embroidery
close-up of the cat applique:
30's quilt close-up applique - vintage
close-up of the embroidery:
30's quilt close-up embroidery - vintage
close-up of the chenille back:
30's chenille quilt back - vintage Good thing I don't buy into pink is for girls.
The top and chenille were assembled recently, but the top & the chenille are vintage.

I am blaming the baby for the 30's resurgence & I am making a "mod" bird quilt too with a shirred border & minkie-like back.

We then ate Thai food (at about 2 p.m.) they ran out of my favorite - sticky rice with mango :o(.
The food was good while it lasted - yes, I am in week 15 & still getting sick.

On Sunday, after breakfast at IHOP - father-to-be on father's day & 20% off coupon, we went to get out weekly CSA share - last weeks weather rotted the lettuce (down pour followed by hot sun), but we got another tomato, some squash, onions & radishes. Next week promises cherries!

Then we went to the French Store & spent far too much money... I got some maternity wear (Basically anything they had in my size - which was not very much, I am once again the most popular size on the rack. It will be a brown brown brown pregnancy (skirt, pants, 2 shirts in brown)...Oh & since when is it a good idea to have tops out number bottoms by about 10 to 1 - seriously that had a ton of shirts to choose from, 2 skirts, a few shorts, a few capri pants, a few dresses, & that is about it!) & we got a lot of kitty litter - now we won't have to buy it for a while.

We then went to the kosher grocery store for a sandwich :o) on our way to a big box lumber store for a furnace filter (have to maintain that investment.)

Then it was back home to rest! Check out the back-40 & cut tumbers.
Look who I saw in the back-40.

I got sick last night & again this morning - not fair! I hope to finish cutting thimbles tonight & I need to trace some embroidery designs - two things I would rather be doing than getting ready for the Monday morning blahs - aka work.


Karen said...

How amazing to see a fawn like that. Sure hope it wasn't as alone as it looks. I love the simple quilts, too.

Exuberant Color said...

They really are cute elephants. I think the 30's repros make great baby quilts.

Jeanne said...

Love the chenille-backed treasure! Baby-cute, and with a cat yet!!

Jeanne :)

Ruth's Place said...

The elephants are adorable! I love the fact that you have a bib from your great-grandmother! Very cool!