Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quilt Show photos part 1

A. I did not jot down the makers names or the names of the quilts.

B. While rotating & labeling these photos, I began to think about why I take the photos I take at quilt shows. (There is another person on Flickr who went to the same show, she took photos of different quilts & far fewer photos... I get that feeling a lot when I am able to compare my photos to the photos take by other people from the same show - I sometimes even wonder if we were at the same show!)

So my question to you dear readers, "Why do you take the photos that you take at quilt shows?"

I have a variety of rationales...

So I will try to arrange my photos to fit those rationales:
"Quilts that I really like, but will never attempt to make myself." (o.k. a lot of quilts fit that description, but these are a highlight.)
rain drops
DSC05035.JPG (This quilt screams my name.)
DSC05033.JPG Am becoming more & more enamoured with warm colored quilts.
Taupe Quilt (I also took this one because of the use of taupes.)
DSC05011.JPG (So not my fabrics...)

Can anyone spot the commonality?

Another rationale:
"Aren't you planning on doing that pattern? Using that fabric?"
Black & White Challenge If I have a son, this pattern will eventually be completed if I have to pay someone to do it! I just love the way the solid black looks like a road. (Imagine bright yellow perle cotton quilting in those black bits.) This one can also be categorized in "challenge quilts."
Black & White Challenge (I have that print...) I have the gray print... (This can also be categorized in "challenge quilts.")
Star quilt I have this pattern, I regularly waffle about will I do it, won't I do it, will I use thes fabrics, etc.
Quilted diamonds I have both of the Quilted Diamonds books & I keep "dreaming" about doing just a little wall hanging... (This should more accurately be placed in the "Quilts I like but will never do category.")
Kaffe Fassett quilt I plan to do something very similar, but more scrappy. This can also be categorized in a "Kaffe Fassett inspired" category or in a "I could add that to one of my flickr groups" category. - Which I did.
Kaffe Fassett quilt Same pattern/designer, different colors & size...
Bento Box I know exactly how I want to do this pattern... I even asked permission from the person whom I am copying! (I saw it on flickr & swooned...)
bento box Same pattern...
DSC05057.JPG I own this pattern - no ideas yet on how to use it - probably cats, maybe only natural cats...
dogwood applique I have a Dogwood applique pattern... (Very different from this, but this jogged my memory...)

Nuff for now?


Vicki W said...

Thanks for posting all of those photos. it looks like it was a great show!

Jody said...

Thanks for all the inspiration! I'd love to point out my favorites, but really that's just about all of them.

Jessica said...

I take photos at quilt shows because:

-I want to try the pattern
-I want to share the inspiration or craftsmanship with other quilters in blogland or on flickr
-it's just really really beautiful

I guess that's it.

Libby said...

I usually photograph those quilts that will provide future inspiration . . . something I'll want to make or refer to in the future. Then there are the WOW pics - those quilts that I would never attempt, but the workmanship and detail is far outside my ability . . . usually the WOW wears off and those are the pics that get deleted down the line.

Exuberant Color said...

Thanks for the pictures. I usually take pictures because of some color combination that I want to remember (one that I probably wouldn't have ever used myself).

Andi said...

I take pictures at shows if I like the quilting designs (trying to expand my longarm skills!) or if I like the colors and pattern. I have a whole stack of color gradient fabrics, maybe I'll do something like the bento boxes. Oh, and I'd like a copy of the Ruth article too!

susan said...

oooh thanks for more pretty pix
such inspiration!!

jovaliquilts said...

Have really enjoyed the quilt show pics. I take photos either to use a piece for inspiration or just because I want to look at the quilt over and over and there's no other way to do that. :)