Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quilt Show part 2

Why do you take the photos that you take at Quilt Shows? remember that is the question...

Flickr pools
I like to add photos to flickr pools, knowing that, I took photos of log cabin quilts, quilts that used FreshCut by Heather Bailey & Kaffe Inspired quilt (to name a few).
Serenity Garden display The background is log cabin.
Water mellon log cabin
Kaffe Fassett quilt Kaffe Inspired quilt
Kaffe Fassett quilt Kaffe Inspired Quilt - one of my favorites from the show.

Cat quilts
I take a picture of every cat quilt at every quilt show & if I see a cat print used I capture that as well - sometimes I even photograph a different novelty print with the knowledge that I can substitute a cat print. I Spy quilts fall into this category.
cat quilt
cat quilt
I Spy This I Spy has an airplane theme, but...
fish I SPYThis I Spy has a fish theme.
Pig quilt This is a pig quilt...

Mostly at local shows & especially at the QU shows, I like to take photos of the challenge quilts. I love to see a theme/pattern/block expressed differently.
Black & White Challenge Black & White was a challenge at this show.
Black & White Challenge (Not a TATW - there are rectangles in this quilt.) BTW that is not a Trip Around the World, some of those units are rectangles.
Black & White Challenge
Black & White Challenge cat quilt
circles challenge Circles was another challenge.
circles challenge
scrappy circles challenge
floral challenge Floral Challenge
floral challenge
floral challenge (I think they may have been challenged to use that same block too... I did not read the information...)
2 block challenge 2 block challenge (I think) HST & 4-patch
2 block challenge
2 block challenge

I have about one more post in my head... Those are more random. There are more black & white & other challenges on my flickr.


Mama Koch said...

Inspiration and ideas--patterns/color choices. Seems like the further I get away from home, the differences in quilting changes...and I like to see other's work.
I've also been guilty thinking "I could make that"! ...and a picture helps me remember that I can!

susan said...

oooo gorgeous eye candy!!! thanks for "taking" me with you to the show.

swooze said...

Wow I love those last three. I should write why I take pics of quilts. It would be good for my future quilt plans.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Amazing and fun. I'll come back again and again to look I'm sure. ;)

Griele said...

Those are so pretty! I get so inspired. I am a new quilter so I always go "when I grow up I want to make one of those."

I am also from the DC area so it is good to read a blog that is by someone close by.

Kay said...

It's an interesting question. I take pictures of what I like (how vague is that?) and sometimes something like a detail I might "borrow". I enjoyed your pictures, as usual.

Exuberant Color said...

Trip Around the World is the pattern, the shape of the individual pieces can be squares or rectangles. All of my rectangular TAW's have rectangular pieces, all square ones have square pieces.

thanks for the quilt show.

andsewitis Holly said...

That watermelon/logcabin one looks like one I have a "pattern" for. I only take pictures of quilts/parts of quilts I may want to make.

Brenda said...

Hi Amy
Under Australian copyright law, if you own copyright in an artistic work such as a quilt, generally only you and people who have your permission are allowed to:
• reproduce the work (for example by photographing);
• publish the work (for example; by making copies available for sale); and
• communicate the work to the public (for example by putting it on the internet).

Accordingly, even if an exhibition allows photography of quilts for personal use, this does NOT extend to permitting you to publish those images online regardless of whether you credit the quiltmaker.

There are close parallels between US and Australian copyright laws so there are probably similar provisions in America.

I hope this helps. As participants in the creative and online communities, it is incumbent on us all to learn the basics of copyright.