Monday, June 30, 2008

The non-quilty weekend wrap-up

1. I met all of my goals. (the house could have been cleaner, but it is amazing what the reomval of a bunch of papers & a good floor cleaning can do.)

2. We went to the Civil War archeology site. Blockhouse Point. If you were expecting Gettysburg, you would have been disappointed...

The blockhouse was only an earthen structure that the archaeologists think was only used for about 3.5 months during the Civil War & it was burnt down by Col. Mosby on July 12, 1864 - so what we saw was what was left to the elements for 140+ years.

It was shaped like a Greek Cross & in real life you could make out that shape, but it did not photograph well.
Here it is on the Surveyors map:
One corner in real life:

We also saw the excavation of the camp used by the 19th Mass. Co. D. in the winter of 1861-62 while they built the blockhouse (s) They built 3 total - one has been completely obliterated & the other is on Federal Land.
& some relics found at that site (This location was purchased by the county in the 1970's - so there was a good amount of time for metal detectors to remove some items previously.)

& we went to an overlook of the Potomac River:

All told it was about 2 miles worth of hiking. (My official exercise for Saturday.)

We also stopped at Lock 23 on the C&O canal (Did you know that the C&O canal is the most visited National Park? I guess they count the people who hike on it every day each time they hike on it... & then there are the kayakers & bikers & tourists from out of town...)

While there we saw a Blue Heron!

On Sunday we went to get our CSA - beets, kale, cucumbers, summer squash, cherries, & potatoes. I plan on making the kale recipe that I shared last week - with sausage instead of chicken this time. & I plan on making a beet salad that I saw prepared on TV last night - that has apples mixed in with the roasted beets.

Then we went to get our Beef CSA & had to wait for a while, we arrived early & the butcher arrived late. Mr. Calico Cat & I walked for 20-25 minutes while waiting, then we went inside to wait in the A/C. We got 30lbs. that we are splitting 3 ways. We keep kosher in the home, so we only got cuts from the front of the cow... (But the butcher has a non-kosher subsidiary - so that he can sell the back end, so Libby when you are in town, you can get some organic grass fed beef.) The lady who came for her share had a 1 week old baby - you should have seen the cats checking her out! (Tentative dosen't begin to describe it & when the saw that they were being watched, they scurried along.)

Then my GF came over for the first time in a long time - between my school classes & her 2 jobs during the summer & the distance between us, we don't meet up very often. We did make it into the pool though - so I got some more official exercise! (We also had some wonderful crepes for lunch.)

I walked during lunch on Friday - for my exercise. I will walk again during lunch today - because the pool is closed on Monday.

It seems like we did so much more - I guess all of the cleaning spurts... Went through a pile of papers, removed books & sewing stuff from Studio B, moved laundry from Spot A to Spot B - hope to get the winter stuff into Spot C soon.

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andsewitis Holly said...

You've been getting more exercise than me. Good for you.