Monday, June 02, 2008

I hope this works

I have been trying to get into blogger for a while (My PC is running slowly.)

So I thought that I would post an update from the weekend (starting Friday afterwork - REALITY!)

After work on Friday, I had a check-up with the doctor.

A. I was disappointed that I did not get another sneak peak, but the heart beat sounds great & I only gained 1 lb. in a month - which is GREAT! 13 weeks down - I am not willing to do the math to figure out how many more to go.

B. The doctor's office really makes me cry. It is there where the reality really sets in... & they leave me alone with my thoughts for far too long, I go from "I'm really pregnant" to "What if something is wrong" & then I start bawling. To make matters worse, it this office, on the ceiling, they have pretty pictures - one of which is Holland. (There is a very nice story about Downs that centers around Holland...) Not what an older woman wants to see & think about. (Officially, we are not going to do any test to find out one way or the other about genetics or the sex. I don't really care what my husband or his mother has to say on that subject. SORRY...)

Saturday was a fairly sick day... The weather was less than nice... & I got sick A LOT. Whoever told me that watermellon was the only thing that she could keep down - I wonder if it was in my system long enough to give me any Lycopene? I got a squishy in the mail that I will share soon & I mailed a box - my pile of "to be mailed stuff" is dwindling & I have heard form a couple of you that there have been some arrivals.

Sunday was nice, we got out weekly CSA - red leaf lettuce, spring onions, strawberries, radishes, peas, & broccoli. We then went to the Kosher grocerystore & got some meats & cheeses & some frozen treats.

(Burgers for dinner was the plan... Cheese sandwiches for lunch was the second plan.)

Went home to drop of the food & I was going to make some sandwiches - no bread.

So we were off to our activity (I'll blog about it tomorrow...) but we started out at the waffle house first - no sandwiches...

After our activity, we went to a box store that does not need to be named here...

without a "list." I think we did well for not having a list... My husband forgot to get a book bag - the main reason why we went to that store... & we forgot a couple other things.

But we got buns for the burgers & bread for sandwiches (Amongst a lot of other stuff.)

Leaving the parking lot, the calico kitten announced that it was meal time & that the lemonade was not sitting well on the empty tummy.

Perishables kept us from stopping - I had a raging headache by the time we got home...

Hubby felt bad for me, so we went out for quesadillas (They apparently don't to chili realenos around here...) & boy did they ever hit the spot. The kitten likes dairy!

No burgers... I laid down to watch a bit of TV - RB & I apparently watched for holes in our eyelids.

Burgers tonight!

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Ruth's Place said...

I had all the tests done, and it put my mind at ease. I figured forewarned is forearmed, but it's a tough call. You need to do what's right for you and what will keep you sane through the process.