Thursday, June 05, 2008

Front porch party

Well I'll play along! I saw this first on Jeanne's blog, she linked to "Rose Colored Glasses."

This is not my porch, but I saw this porch last Sunday...
Worthington House Worthington House, Monocacy National Battlefield, Maryland.
I actually saw several...

I think that "one" of my ideal houses would be a bungalow with a wide porch!


Karen said...

Oh, that is beautiful.

Jeanne said...

Yes, that porch would work just fine for me!

Jeanne :)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Pretty! But - I have a house with a wide wrap around porch and those rooms stay dark/cool. I always thought it would be great to build a new house with a wrap around porch, but to put extra high ceilings so you could run a row of windows on top of the porch for the light! A long time ago the houses were built taking into consideration the compass direction and seasons, but now they seem to be just situated so they look the best on the lot!