Monday, June 09, 2008

Doll quilts

Over the weekend I got my Miniature Pirate Booty Doll Quilt from JoAnna at Banana River Quilts. Here it is:
Miniature Pirate Booty Doll Quilt Swap
& the back:
doll quilt back A kitty print that did not live in my atash at any time! See, I don't have "all" of them!
And the photos af the quilt that I got from Quilting Bebbs:
Another Doll Quilt Swap detail I know that the orange lived or lives in my stash, the same goes for the yellow with white polka dots. (There were a couple others, but my photography stinks!)
Here is the whole thing again:
Another Doll Quilt Swap
Here is the Miniature Pirate Booty quilt that is going in the mail today (I had an official delay - I am not late - this time!)
Doll Quilt I washed & dried it so it has the crinkly look that I like, I hope my partner doesn't mind.

It feels so good to have that done & in the mail! Now to work on the Summer Doll Quilt. At least if feels like summer!

The quilt show photos are next. (I took about 100...)


Kim said...

You have a very nice collection of mini-quilts. I like that you washed the one that you are mailing out. o think it makes it more quilty looking, don't you?

Thanks so much for visiting me at Stillmeadow. Stop in anytime!

Ruth's Place said...

Love all of the little quilts, but especially the one you are sending away.

susan said...

i soooooo love your quilt that you sent out, and the crinkly bits just makes it all the better! lovely selection of blues!!