Thursday, June 12, 2008


I forgot to mention what we got in our CSA bag on Sunday...
Broccoli, spring onions, peas, green leaf lettuce, strawberries and a salmonella free tomato.

I am mentioning it now because I used the broccoli in our "stir fry" last night.

We get more stuff on Sunday - funny how that works, huh? (not really but I digress...)

Our pick-up is near a kosher grocer so we so far have stopped in there after picking up the loot.

Is it nap time yet? The little man cat has started to rise at about 3 a.m. - usually begging for cat food but this morning he had some sickies & then a coughing fit. We may need to take him in to get that checked out. Poor guy, he had a rough night all around because the girl was being very territorial. She was lying down, he laid down, she made her warning noise - he didn't do a thing she smacked him... ETC. (About 1 hour before it was time for me to rise, he snuggled in for some loving.)


Libby said...

Sounds like you got a nice CSA box - I have a new pick up today . . . wonder what will be in it?

Jules said...

Salmonella free tomato. That sounds good.

Griele said...

This is a dumb question but what is CSA?

Kay said...

Ummm--And when you add the kitten to this mix? Just kidding. It will all fall into place, believe me. Have a great weekend.