Monday, June 23, 2008

Confessions, Outing, & weekend wrap up

First the outing & the first confession. The Quilting Pirate & I went to a quilter's yard sale. Not together, but we were both there when the storage lockers opened. (I hope she blogs this, then it won't be so much of an outing & she took photos...) This lady had a "problem" of the bolts variety, as in she bought bolts of fabric & had more that a stores worth in her storage lockers (yes plural) she had seven total, 2 were opened up to the quilting public. What was on the bolts was offered up for sale - $3 per yard. (Some was good quality nice stuff others not so much - the lighting was pretty awful, but when you were shopping by looking for "X" brand on the bolt core, that helped a lot. It was a good thing that Toni was there - she was able to help me decide the needed lengths of a couple pieces. Some gals were there buying for charity, which is nice to hear.

I got a series of Stripes for the handkerchief corners quilt that is on the cover of Kaffe Fassett's Passionate Patchwork. I can not work it out in my head how that block works - my husband is going to get the book through inter-library loan. :o)

I also got the only cat print that she had - it is a border stripe - with only 2 repeats at the 2 selvedges, the rest is a floral. I was so not buying that a retail prices - you need so many yards for a border where there are only 2 repeats...

(I got a few other pieces as well...)

Which brings me to a confession # 2 which happens to be part of the weekend round up.
In the stewdio/nursery, I have 2 Ikea book cases - they were along one wall. I wanted them to be on the corner - freeing up some wall space for the 3 drawer dresser & mirror. Done - thanks Mr. Calico Cat. I also wanted to get 2 bags of scraps out of bags & into bins - done! While doing that I found some 30's scraps - so I thimbled them & added them to the other 30's thimbles (my purchase from the quilt show last weekend.) I them divided them into 3 piles, 1 for me, one for my swap partner, & 1 that is a bunch of duplicates - but enough for a doll quilt.

The confession - I haven't touched my sewing machine in a long time... (I unplugged it when we had some dicey weather - it is still unplugged...)

More weekend round up - I finally got a new iron & a new quilting magazine!

From the CSA we got: beets, potatoes, cherries, tomato, zuchini, yellow squash, kale, & spring onions. (now to figure out how to cook beets & kale - not necessarily together.)

I baked chocolate banana bread & learned something new about Mr. Calico Cat. He was brought up to believe that when the yellow skins on the bananas got brown spots that they were bad & it was time to throw them out. (These were a bit early for mashing into a bread... As in PERFECT for eating!) (If you want the recipe - leave me a comment & a way to contact you - I have it in an e-mail that I can forward.)

I learned a new way to cook a chicken on a crock pot - super easy!
take 1 whole chicken - rinse & dry it, separate the skin from the bird & season on the meat & skin with your favorite seasoning blend - I used one from Penzey's - Northwoods Fire seasoning. peel an onion & stick it in the cavity whole. Place the bird breast side down in the crock pot, cover it, cook it on high for @6 hours - I went longer & it fell off the bone! (or on low for longer).
No fuss, no muss, & super tasty. (I used the leftovers to make pulled chicken BBQ sandwiches - heated the chicken in a pot with BBQ sauce - another easy peasy meal.)

I exercized in the pool on Saturday & Sunday - part of my build up endurance for delivery plan...

I cleaned out my closet & donated a ton of clothing to charity. (The closet still needs work.)

At 17 weeks of prenancy - I got sick yet again... & I am waiting for the second trimester energy surge.


jovaliquilts said...

Sounds like an amazing sale! And fun!

Your crockpot recipes reminded me that one of the best things I did in my last month of pregnancy was cook and freeze meals. It was so wonderful to just pull them out of the freezer during those first few weeks after the baby was home.

Jody said...

I love that Kaffe Fassett quilt. I'd checked the book out from our library ages ago and two stuck with me ... that one and one other that I would have to get the book to recall exactly but that I'm itching to make.

The fabric sale sounds wonderful! Did the woman own a store or was she just a collector? I used to have a woman who brought things to my kids resale store ... she had tons of stuff, all new with tags, that she just bought "because" ... she had no children or husband ... she just liked buying stuff. Good for me, but kind of odd.

I'm sorry you're still sick.

Betty J in OKC said...

I'm sorry you're still sick too. May I get your banana bread recipe please? I can't imagine how chocolate banana bread tastes, but I'm willing to try anything once. LOL. O2bquiltn2 at

Rian said...

Mmmm, the chickie sounds good, and I love Penzey's Northwoods. I have some on order as we speak. Mrs. Calico Cat, you are so busy! You accomplish so much sometimes it makes my head spin!

Jacquie said...

I'm working on that same Kaffe Fassett quilt (I think). I love that book. Sounds like the sale was pretty great!

Morah said...

Hey! Did you ever find those crock pot liners? I'm telling you they are better than sliced bread!!!