Monday, June 23, 2008

Am I turning into a Foodie?

Better yet, Do I know what a Foodie is or am I throwing around terms willy nilly?

I do know one thing, I am accumulating food blogs. I blame the CSA.

The only beets eaten in my family have come from a Jar or a can & were consumed by others.

Now I a couple fresh beets on my counter - so what is a pseudo-internet savvy gal to do? Google how to cook beets.

I got a few interesting hits - for recipes that sounded "not so good" to me...

Then I noticed one was a blog....

She has a recipe for Beet Risotto (Sorry no hyperlinks at this time - this is supposed to be a quick post.)

& on another food blog just the other day, I saw a posting for crock pot risotto (I am game for almost anything done in that migic pot - I need to get some liners for it though.)

So even though the weather is going to be in the 80's I am going to try out this recipe! (Or to be more correct - recipes, since that method for Risotto is new to me to.)

I am also going to make a soup with the kale... Mr. Calico Cat keeps the A/C on, so it won't feel like summer while cooking or eating - just while running to the store for the one missing ingredient... (FYI We had no Baking Soda for the Chocolate banana bread yesterday - so I had a bowl of dry & a bowl of wet waiting - gave me a minute to do a few dishes...)

One more thing - we are joining a CSA of sorts for beef! (Organic, locally raised - Frederick County, MD, butchered in Baltimore and Kashered beef.) The price is not great for people who do not eat Kosher Beef, but for those of us that do & understand all of the extra steps that contribute to the increaded costs it is a "deal." I am just happy to know that the cows ate grass not hormones & that they are local - I really like buying from local farmers so that they don't have to sell to developers making my commute even worse!


Libby said...

What is the 'beef CSA?' called. I would love to see if there is such a thing in my area. We don't seem to eat much beef anymore - because I refuse to purchase any from my local supermarket. We do have a good old-fashioned meat market here in town where I shop when I want anything besides chicken. It's such fun to stand in front of the glass case, point at exactly what you want and see them measure and/or trim to exactly my specifications. I hope it never goes away *s*

floribunda said...

mmm -- roasted beets! the best!

Carin said...

I haven't eatten beets since I was a kid but you have my intrest peaked.

Quirky said...

lol I am a foodie from way back....I love to to eat, too! Food cooked fresh tastes so much better than the packaged variety, doesn't it?

Kay said...

Beets are wonderful in salad: steamed (I guess), julienned, and mixed with greens, goat cheese, and nuts. This has been the trendy fall salad around here for a while. I wish we had a source of grass fed or organic beef; vegetables and fruits from farms are everywhere, but not meat.