Friday, June 27, 2008

all kinds of stuff in 1 post

First photos from last weekends quilter's yard sale are up on Toni's blog.

Deborah has my paranoia in high gear... Was my husband right all along? Wait a minute - that technically would be "not wrong" all along.

My GF is coming over to my house on Sunday for the first time in a very long time - she works 2 jobs in the summer & lives on the other side of Baltimore... Anywho - she bought fabric for a quilt that she wants me to make - Billie Lauder's Faux Log Cabin. It is in the same state of undone that it was been in FOREVER!

Speaking of people coming over to my house on Sunday- perfect strangers are coming over to take a part of our share of the "CSA" beef. For my husband this is not big deal - for me, we need to clean. (I can only think of two people who I would not feel the need to clean for - these aren't those two people.)

Exercising in the pool. I have an aquajogger (only the waist belt - fits above the baby bump) - so I dip into the deep end & go in circles. Last night I got to the pool after 4, so the deep end was fairly shady. So I only put sun block on my face - I wear a cap to help as well. I did not put any on my shoulders - I kind of thought that I would wear the t-shirt in the pool - I didn't. While I am not BURNT I am a bit tender. I'll walk today during lunch - even though it is going to be hot as heck out... (That way I won't have to feel guilty if I skip the pool tonight. I plan to hit it on both Saturday & Sunday.)

Quiltathon this weekend - I wonder if I can participate? (Am I the only one who A. has too many blogs on her blog lines - unsorted & B. know what blog she wants to find, but can't find it? I am searching for Judy's Blog so that I can link to the quiltathon. Found it - Patchwork Times - not Judy's... or Sunshine Quilts... Oh well, maybe this is baby brain?)

Let's review - I need to clean, I need to exercise, I need to work on 2 doll quilts, I need to work on one big quilt, I need to pick up 2 CSA's, I want to go do this:

Civil War enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the first public tours of Blockhouse Point Conservation Park in Potomac , the home of an 1862 Civil War outpost camp and blockhouse. Visitors will take a two-mile hike to the camp site where Union soldiers stood guard to protect the Potomac River from Confederate troops. The site is important because it's one of the last remaining Civil War sites in the county that hasn't experienced disturbance."

& The cabin right near where I work will be open as well.
The one-room cabin on Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda that was once the home of Josiah Henson, the slave whose 1849 autobiography inspired Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin." Henson lived in the cabin from 1795 to 1825 before escaping to freedom in Canada .

Neither one of those items are things that you can do at any other time as they are closed to the public...

Cooking - Since I mentioned the CSA, I cooked the Kale last night. While I won't be buying it at the grocery store - it was pretty good - I had preconceived notions that it would be a lot more bitter... This is the recipe that I used:
Indian Spiced Kale & Chickpeas (I did not add the chick peas - we din't have any on hand & I wasn't running out to get any while I had 3 pots going on the stove. I also just used water intead of the stock. Oh & I used red curry powder & Garam Masala only - eyeballed the amounts.) I made basmati rice with this - I cooked the rice with a couple whole cloves & a small cinnamon stick. I made chicken breasts to round out the meal - I am married to a carnivore.

Tonight, we will have Bison steaks (Grilled on the George) and roasted beets, potatoes, & onions.

Review & Kind of a mental plan for myself.
Friday - Walk during lunch - sew a bit after work - clean a bit after work.
Saturday - clean a bit, sew a bit, go to the CW exhibit - the 2 miles can be the exercise (Remember the water this time) Clean some more if necessary.
Sunday - pick-up 2 CSA's, wait for the strangers (while sewing?) & my GF (Hopefully with some blocks for Show & tell) go to the pool, go out to eat.

Hey - I have written in exercise, cleaning & sewing into each day of my weekend.

Please remind me - often!


Judy said...

I'd love to get everyone switched over to for my blog. Hope you can participate in the Quiltathon.

Mama Koch said...

Sounds like you're feeling better. Sunblock gotta remember to put it on!

Karol-Ann said...

You sound energetic! This is good. Now is the time to get things done ;-)
Liked the faux Log cabin (have seen it ages ago, but forgot how cute it is!)

ps Thought of you too when I made my pincushion for the pincushion swap LOL

Carin said...

You are one busy woman! Good for you getting your exersise in while you are pregnant. It will make delivery much easier.

The Quilting Pirate said...

I wish I took more pictures, kinda felt uncomfortable doing was insane---though I would do it again if she opened it up.

Judy moved her blog months ago...I'm always behind as well, but for some reason, I keep up with hers :)

Sounds like you are on track with your daily plans...I can help remind you :)

Jeanne said...

Hope you get to go to the Civil War sites! So I can enjoy your report :)

We have verrrrry little history out here. Nothing much before the 1940's. Blah.


simplicitybegins said...

Love your blog! Your interest in history, quilting, cats, baby coming--and your unique way of expressing yourself (even when you're depressed and down)--always make me glad I opened The Calico Cat.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

When I was at your stage I would madly plan like that then accidentally fall asleep on the couch and miss everything! Have fun, Tracey