Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend recap

I pulled names for the give aways - you should have received an e-mail from me requesting your snail mail address. They will be mailed over a short period of time. The first bag to be mailed is one of two to go to Oklahoma.

As I previously mentioned, we went to a Vegan BBQ, they were delighted/extatic/over joyed, etc. for the tofu dogs and veggie burgers that we left them to it... (I wonder about the taste though, because I saw a lot of ketchup being squeezed on those burgers.)

I also already mentioned that we got furniture for the Calico Kitten. I culled/cleaned more in the stewdio to make room. I now have the bookcase in my alcove. (I need to do a lot of work in the alcove. I also need to get rid of the dinette table.) I am 99.9% sure that the space allocated for the baby furniture is adequate.

Sunday night, I finished the quilting on the 2 doll quilts. I even got the binding prepared - I just need to attach it. (I hope I prepared enough...)

I went to a pre-Memorial Day sale at the LQS & got some yellow fabric to go with my yellow bird fabric (Birds are a sub-theme for decorating in the baby's room - there isn't a real "theme" perse, it won't be all birds.) I will shirr the yellow fabirc & attach it as a border to the yellow bird print. (I got a foot for shirring & a book to explain the process in addition to the fabric.)

I got 2 quilts back from the long armer. (Photos later.)

Picked-up our veggies from the CSA, the mystery veggies were overgrown scallions. We ate the spinach in a salad, we grilled the asparagus & scallions. We ate the strawberries & we will be blanching the peas for dinner tonight - that leaves the radishes yet to be consumed. We also grilled hamburgers & corn. My GF came over & shared our bounty. She also shared some quilty things that she is working on & I shared mine. She agreed to serge the flannel pieces into receiving blankets (How did that bag end up on the bottom of the pile?) too bad I did not hear about making them 45 inches square earlier... Oh well, the day care wants receiving blankets to use, so there will be plenty of uses for them, I am sure. She also took my ba-ba black sheep 3 bags full to take & to disburse.

If I haven't mentioned it enough already - I need to get into the stewdio & straighten yet some more... (Maybe even cull some more...) Just organize at the very least!

So what did you do?


jovaliquilts said...

I used to belong to a CSA that ended up with a few problems, but wow, the veggies were great, and we got fresh berries, too. Your dinner sounds super! And as for the veggie burgers and dogs, some are absolutely delicious and, well, some are ... not.

Mama Koch said...

Grilled hamburgers sound better than the vegan BBQ!

Libby said...

Eating vegetarian is just fine - I can do it most of the time. But when a girl wants a burger - then nothing will do but 100% real beef *s*

Ruth's Place said...

You are making me hungry! I agree with Jovaliquilts comment, some veggie burgers and dogs are great (we get some nice ones here) but others are just yucky.

Can't wait to see pictures of Calico Kitten's room :)

Exuberant Color said...

36" blankets are big enough for newborns. Back in the '60s when my kids were born the flannel blankets were 30" x 40".

Dorothy said...

You're feeling better, aren't you? Check the calendar - I'm guessing you're approaching the honeymoon trimester. :o) Not only is the nausea subsiding, but the nesting is starting to kick in. If you feel the need to clean behind your dryer, let me suggest you don't wait until week 35 or 36. I'm just sayin'...

andsewitis Holly said...

I love how you refer to the babe as calico kitten and your husband as Mr. Calico. Cute!