Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is quilty - I swear

So last night, I was supposed to quilt a bit more on that doll quilt...

Instead I met my husband at the baby furniture store. We looked around & found the most wonderful sales associate! (& The best reason for not hiring people on a comission basis) who told us all about car seats - I guess this really is real if you are looking at car seats, huh? The best news, since our due date is late in the year, we may get to benefit from end of year sales! We also found out that we shoudl probably order our crib sooner rather than later as they can take 12 to 16 weeks to deliver. (Yes, you read that right.)

But that reminds me of another funny MIL story.

My MIL for all our differences, has stated that she would buy the crib, car seat, stroller, changing table... WHEW!

But she told her friends daughter that she would buy her crib & was shocked at the $___ price tag (Not her grandchild...) So my husband & I while we were not looking for the cheapest thing in the store, we were price comparing.

So we called her with our preliminary total (to judge the reaction) & she said "Don't buy cr@p."

(So she was shocked at a rather average price for a crib - we have seen higher - but also says don't buy cr@p. Would sending a check & letting us use it as we see fit work so much better?)

Oh I got sick in the bathroom at the baby furniture store - they have a nice ladies room complete with a "mothers room."

Back to the quilty stuff... at this same store they have "soft" supplies. (quilts, etc.)

I think that my husband may have a new appreciation for my craft... (They were pricey & not much more that a bunch of squares sewn together - some of the squares are minky.) & He admitted that the stuff that I got at the LQS to back my babies quilt feels the same. SCORE!

After the sickies & the baby store - we went out for pizza. (Am I the only one who feels better after being sick?) Not the best idea - it sat hard on me & All I was able to do was to crawl into bed for the rest of the evening. Hence, so more quilting on that doll quilt.


Exuberant Color said...

I didn't get sick after month 3 but it wasn't only in the morning that I was sick. It just takes something to trigger it, anytime.

Ravenhill said...

So sorry you are sick so much! It does make pregnancy hard doesn't it? I actually went to get some accupuncture and guess what - it helped immensely! I used it for queasyness, fatigue and preparation for birth. I had such an unbelievably easy time of giving birth too.

Your blog is a new and wonderful discovery for me!!! I love the doll quilt you are working on. I am making one now too for my 3 year old Lilly's babies.

Hope that you are feeling better soon!
~Emily an American living in Norway

Marisa said...

Here's hoping that you feel better soon. I was super sick too for about 4 months, and wasn't totally over it until 5 months. will end, and I agree, it always feel better after. Best of luck w/ the furniture, etc. I'm sure your new nursery will be amazing.

Chocolate Cat said...

I can remember clearly even though it was 17 years ago!! our trip to the baby store to look for furniture and how exciting but confusing it was! Enjoy every minute of this journy - oh perhaps except for the sick part!!

Greenmare said...

oh honey, it will get better, it really will. but yeah, pizza isn't always the best idea. Neither are McDonalds french fries, just in case you get a weird craving for something totally bad for you. just trust me on this one.

Jules said...

Hey, I wanted to say congratulations! And have fun with it all. I know that icky morning sickness feeling. (However, I will never be having it again.) I am so happy for you. Enjoy!

Shelina said...

Ahh furniture shopping. Fun and irritating at the same time. I didn't have much furniture for the child, and didn't really need it. A good car seat is a must, of course. You can either get an infant seat, and move on to a bigger one. Or go straight to one that can handle both. Since kids don't get to 40 pounds for 5+ years, get one that will last. A crib is used for a couple of years, so you can make sure you get one that you like, but since it is only a couple of years, I wouldn't buy a pricey one. A changing table, you don't really need. I think it is much easier to use a floor, or other flat surface with a changing pad. I did get a big stroller, and found that I liked a small umbrella much better - so much easier to maneuver. A play pen, high chair, and swing would be my recommended buys. Get ones that are easy to clean!

Tanya said...

That's pretty good that you can jump back in for pizza! I don't think I ever did that!

Ruth's Place said...

We are using the top of the dresser as a change table, works fine. Sorry you are feeling so sick - I've been there!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

I dig that fact that you got a good SCORE! in on the whole outing.


Quilty Hobby Love, *karendianne.