Wednesday, May 14, 2008

take a look

I sure hop I win this contest! (& I'd love to know where to get some t's like that!)

Maternity t-shirt in Lime Green. I need to check out her etsy shop to be tempted even more. You see 99% of me wants to load up on Snarky preggie t's 1% of realizes that I could not wear them to work, but something like this - YOU BETCHA! So far, I have tame solid t's :o).

(Now I bet you all wish that you were going through the roller coaster of prenancy again!)

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McIrish Annie said...

maternity clothes are soo much nicer and stylish than when I was preggers. But I definitely DO NOT like the new look of letting part of your belly hang out with a shortie shirt!

I remember my maternity bathing suit ( i delivered in late August). My DH said I looked like an Easter egg. LOL