Thursday, May 01, 2008

A little information is a dangerous thing

So I went to my first OB appointment after being discharged from the Infertility Specialist.
This was not supposed to be a big deal, but I have been looking at pregnancy websites. I have been looking at the "So what does my 8.5 week old fetuls look like?" "What is going on in there?" "When will I stop feeling so awful?" "Is this normal?" kind of stuff.

Once you get past the fluff, you read about tests like amniocentisis, etc. Which are all a bit scary - big needle in the tummy, baby wiggling, try not to poke the baby, etc. & then there is the "CVS" test that takes a bit of the placenta...

After the doctor chatted with me about my life time of maladies - we got to talking about those tests (& others) and they are scarier in person than on the web.

Bottom line, once you get the results, what are you going to do? If you are going to take what ever you are given (Because you have been trying longer than all of the fabric you own placed end to end) - then why bother with the tests?

& to think , I though you had the tests because the doctor said so.

"I am not haveing any invasive tests." (They can look at the neck folds on the untrasound or look at my blood/urine, but they are not poking around in my belly.)

We then talked about "risk." You see I am AMA - Advanced Maternal Age - code for OLD. (But I could have told you that because 99% of the women that I have ever came in contact with were done having kids by the time they were my age & I heard about it often enough.) Oh & I have a couple cats... Not unlike eating raw fish, cat poop can give you toxoplasmosis - so the Kat-Man-Do aka "Mr. Calico Cat" gets to do the doodies. (No sushi for me.... I know there are vegeterian options, but I like my toro sashimi, thankyouverymuch.)

I got another untrasound - I am no longer carrying a sea creature. The yolk sack is almost gone & we saw the umbilical cord & a hand. Boy was that baby wiggly - now wonder why I am sick!

Next appointment is in 1 month... (I haven't gone that long without someone checking out my girl stuff in a long time...)

Quilting? (I wrote on my label last night & my Spring doll quilt should be in the mail this morning! & I got my round robin swap project in the mail.)


jovaliquilts said...

Pregnancy is scary, that was harder for my than the physical stuff. You can get tested to see if you have antibodies against toxoplasmosis (many people with cats do). My clinic didn't do the test, but they drew my blood and sent it elsewhere for analysis. If you're ok, you can relax about that at least, and if not, then know to be careful.

Tracey in CT said...

I did have all those invasive tests, only because I am a firm believer in the idea that knowledge is power. I figured that I would not terminate no matter what, but that if there were a problem, I'd know about it and be able to have a team of specialists standing by, a plan and a backup plan in place, etc.

But the bottom line is that everyone has to do whatever works for them. And most of the time, there isn't a major problem.

Shelina said...

I wasn't really advised to take any special tests - besides the ultra sound which was done not nearly as often as would have liked. I guess if I was in your place, I would wait until someone recommended a test - and then find out what would happen if depending on what the test results were. If it is something I could or would be willing to do something about, I would probably take the test.

Unknown said...

My husband and I also decided not to have the tests - just let the baby grow and check them out with the ultrasound when necessary was enough. My only suggestion would be to take it easy and find that one food or food group that calms your tummy. I always craved carbs to soothe the "all day" sickness - and Carnation Instant Breakfast was a godsend! Look forward to updates!

Ruth's Place said...

Toxoplasmosis was an excellent excuse for me not to deal with the litter box!

We had the nuchal folds test (at 13 weeks) and it was at that point that my mind was finally at ease. It's non-invasive, and they won't offer the invasive amniocentisis unless there is a concern.

Margaret Solomon Gunn said...

I had amnios with all 3 of mine because I was between 35 and 40 when they were born. The amnio is truly NO big deal. Even if a person would not terminate, it is good to know what the health of the baby would be in advance, if other than perfect. FOr example, our 3rd - my daughter had clubbed feet at birth. It was picked up on an ultrasound at 4-5 months. THough this is not a life threatening issue, it would have been way scarrier and shocking at delivery. Upshot - if you happen to test in a higher risk group as a result of your age (ie, from the triple screening I think it is called), don't fear additional "more invasive" tests. The amnio was 10 minutes of high nerves, and half a day of pampered bed-rest. Peace of mind is worth plenty.

black bear cabin said...

i had the CVS test because i really wanted to know what was going on. it was a little scary, especially when you read all the possible side effects, etc...but isnt that the case with anything :) the test isnt really a big deal at all, and its much quicker than you'd think.

It certainly helps put your mind at ease knowing, and if there are any issues, you can study up on them to be prepared when the baby does arrive :)

As for the pregnancy road bumps along the way...consider it short term discomfort that leads to a wonderful outcome :)

and by the way, as an EMT, i had to teach a class on Trauma in pregnancy when i was 6 months about "a little information is a dangerous thing"! :)

Be Well~
(who delivered her child at 38)

Kate North said...

Over here, they'd call you an "elderly primagravita" at your age (which I don't know for certain, but can guess) - a friend of mine felt quite indignant at being called elderly at 40...

I declined one of the tests on similar grounds to you - the one for Down Syndrom - i thought that if it was something i wasn't going to do anything about, i wasn't sure i wanted to know in advance.

you should stop feeling tired fairly soon - in fact, the second trimester is often quite nice - not so tired, and not yet big enough to be uncomfortable all the time!