Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Calico Kitten has furniture

We did not plan to buy yet, but the store had a nice set that had been window dressing & it was on sale, so...

I also took the morning to go through my flannel bits & scraps. (1 yard pieces make nice receiving blankets, I'll have to ask my friend to finish them with her serger.)

So I now have flannel scraps to give to a good home & hand dyed fabrics. If you want either, holler!

I got 2 quilts back from the long armer this morning & dropped off another. No photos yet.

I went to a Vegan BBQ this afternoon - it was interesting... (Baby does not like Tabouleh. Hubby does not like tofu...)

We plan on doing our own meat BBQ on Monday. (We are going to Frederick, MD tomorrow to look at cloth diapers.)

Any plans for the long weekend out there?


Chocolate Cat said...

A vegan bbq!! Sounds interesting! Think I'd rather come to your meat one....

Anonymous said...

veggie sounds good to me, and think of all the antioxidants you're eating for the baby!

Jules said...

A vegan bbq. Well, that's something, I guess.

Glad you got the furniture.

Good luck with the cloth diapers. Have you looked at g-diapers, yet? They are apparently flushable. Really.

Oh, and just an aside, I like my flannel receiving blankets to be 45" square. I am not telling you what to do. I will gladly send you some, too. My mom serged them for me, and I love them. They wear like iron. I still have a lot from my 13 year old.

I'll send you a long email soon. I am having a graduation party for some of our students in a couple of hours.

sewkalico said...

Well furniture is one less thing to worry about then! I did cloth diapers for DS1, but for DS2 I just couldn't do that to myself again although I do think they are great (if you're set up for lots of washing etc!!)

Ruth's Place said...

Calico Kitten is a perfect name!

Bum genius are fabulous, and easy - totbots, not so great - baby got very wet and out grew them quickly. Bumgenius will go from newborn - toddler. I love ours!

simplicitybegins said...

I plan another flannel quilt if I ever finish my World Without End. If no one else has asked for the flannel scraps, I'd love to have them. I also love "Calico Kitten." That's an adorable nickname.