Tuesday, April 22, 2008

RB in a basket with porcelain doll

RB in a basket with porcelain doll
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We might need to discuss this "habit."

Before I started quilting, I made a few porcelain dolls - from the pouring to the dressing. I knew a lady who owned the molds & a kiln. (She actually had the slip & paints too.) I made a few & then had the "What am I going to do with all of these dolls?" revelation.

Not unlike the question that I now get, "What are you going to do with all of those quilts?"

I had another sonogram today - wow what a difference a week makes! (I also got released from the infertility specialist today, so I am not sure when I will get the next one - or how often they will be scheduled.)


Deb said...

Too cute... that kitty will be happy with the new baby!

Getting released from the infertility doc is a good thing.
It means things are going well.

Greenmare said...

maybe you won't want to put the baby in a basket.......... ;-)
don't you love baby pictures?? We got to have a teeny video of daughter number three sucking her thumb when I was 7 months along!

Libby said...

RB looks like he's in a pretty protective posture . . . so it could be all right in the end *s*