Monday, April 28, 2008

More from the quilt shows

(Back on the PC, so I can use more than one photo & hyperlinks.)

Marlene went to the Show that I went to on Friday. (She jotted down names & titles... I didn't.) I will only post one quilt that she posted because it was my favorite. :o)

Beach House quilt

close-up 1

detail of beach house quilt

close-up 2

detail of beach house quilt

I believe that her quilt was my favorite last year (Not that I can find the post to hyperlink it...) But according to my flickr & Marlene's information, she did make both quilts. Last years quilt was also made out of 1 inch squares, but the picture was of the University of Maryland mascot.
rocket quilt I thought that this one was a clever scrappy/ I Spy quilt.
detail of rocket quilt Close-up of one of the rockets with my all time favorite cat print in red.
pieced quilt with appliqued border This pattern is by Mimi Dietrich. While the colors - are not me, I love her border:
rouched flower border detail I have a pieced quilt with an appliqued border in my future... (Not saying "when" in my future, but...)
snails trail Snail's Trail Charm Quilt. Take a look at the 2 close-ups below & then look again at this quilt...
snails trail detail
snails trail detail
I had never seen anything like that... Well, I had seen water colors, but not as a Snail's Trail.

I also got a goodie from Australia:
Doll quilt swap from Australia Thanks Tracey. I love it! (I wonder how many Aussies actually get to see Kangaroos out their windows? When we were in Australia, it was too windy for the roos - in areas where they are normally seen. We did got to 2 "zoos" where we got to see a lot of roos, they are soft.)
I also got this:
swap goodie YUMMER! (if you are an Aussie & you participate in international swaps - do drop one of these lovelies into your package...)

In this time of financial insecurity, independent stores are not doing so well... Quilt shops included. So they come up with gimmics... If you went to the quilt show this past weekend & read the newsletter, & went to the shop, you got a yard sale coupon. $7.95 per yard (whole yard minimum). Not a bad "sale" idea...
Unfortunately, the fabric that I got is Minkies cousin & was closer to $20 per yard, but my baby is worth it. Now that to do with a mint green & a yellow backing? Does the backing have to "go with" the front? Not quite stashbusting...


jovaliquilts said...

I love that first quilt! What a clever use of her fabrics. The sky and ocean positively twinkle, just like the sun is dancing over everything!

Shelina said...

The Beach House is awesome. I definitely want to make something like that with squares! There is an applique border in my future too, but everytime I think it will be this quilt or that one, I chicken out! Or the quilt becomes a UFO!

Michele said...

OMG!! Rocket Ships is MY quilt!!! Thank you for the kind words. I only really had that one little piece of the cat fabric - I snagged it out of a pile of "take what you want" stuff at a guild meeting.

I also loved the Beach House quilt. It takes a little more concentration that I have to give at the moment, though.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

So pleased you finally got your package-you were very patient!
Hope that baby is up to chocolate (lol)-why do i have a feeling it is!!
And yes, we have seen kangaroos out our big picture window, Archie the dog tried to take it on and it was hilarious to watch!Kind of david and Goliath!
Really enjoyed the quilt show, my kids would love those rockets, i loved the very creative snail trail and the top ocean one, some people are too clever to be fair! Tracey

Michael5000 said...

Oh man, I LOVE the snail's trail. It is way too cool....