Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More from the local quilt shows (Question about "Nationalistic quilts")

Tonya asked about blogger rules (our own). One of mine is if someone is shoing in a local show that they deserve privacy... (I have taken flack on this one, but it is my blog, so I use my rules - besides I have been so sick & tired lately, that I think getting around the show & takeing pictures is an accomplishment & flickr rearranges the photos, so my list of makers names & quilt titles is not the same order as the uploads...) I know some people really like to know & even read the placcards - for me it is a visual response.

applique quilt

Maryland quilt I will add the details on this one, because the maker is the designer (& is a long arm quilter that I have used) & she sells the patterns.
& this quilt makes me wonder:
Are there any ______ (fill in the blank, American, Aussie, English, Texan, etc.) quilters who feel the "need" to make a red, white, & blue quilt? Or a patriotic quilt? While in Houston, I saw several "Texican" quilts... I can't say the same for the quilt shows that I have attended in PA, VA, or MD. (BTW If your national colors are different, do you also feel the desire to make a nationalistic quilt? Any orange quilts coming forth from The Netherlands, etc?) I know that Hedgehog made a blue & white quilt as a baby quilt - based upon flag colors...

framed squares quilt I love how this one was quilted & beaded.
close up framed squares quilt (you can see that this quilt was the result of a block lotto - so who would I credit? Patti, Genie & Pat are all visible on these blocks...)
appliqued quilt This one is similar to one that I showed last week. Again the patterns are by Karen Kay Buckley. (So if I had jotted down names, I would have said Karen Kay Buckly quilt by:___ & the way flickr rearranges them, I would have gotten them mixed up.)
appliqued quilt I definately have a thing for quilts where the blocks are not the same size.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt show pics. Wonderful quilts.

Greenmare said...

I love the beaded one!!! I want to do that too! man dont' you love quilt shows?

Shelina said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. I loved the cobblestone one. I think I must be favoring the simpler quilts lately, because I only photographed the simpler ones at the local quilt show. The fabric choices and the beading of course makes it much more than simple.