Wednesday, April 30, 2008

General Question (Re: computers & archiving)

At home, I have a MAC. (It has an e-mail function, but I somehow got it to show what shows up in my yahoo account - no separate address.)

I use Yahoo exclusively.

Does a MAC or Yahoo automatically archive e-mails?

I opened my e-mail yesterday afternoon. After I finally sewed down the binding on my Spring doll quilt, I opened it again to pull up the mailing address & only e-mails from the past week were available...

(The Spring info. was in the MAC e-mail, but the Miniature Booty & the Another doll quilt swap information were not.)

So Toni & Kate, please resend my partner information.


katelnorth said...
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jovaliquilts said...

I use a Mac. It's a function of the email system, not the computer, whether or not email is archived. You can save email to your computer, but otherwise it's stored only on a server (and you can access it from any computer). If you haven't set up a system to download it, then I don't see how it will be on your computer.

Kay said...

I use a Mac; as I understand it MacMail (the Macintosh program I use) downloads the mail from the server and then it's archived. Yahoo automatically archives, or at least it seems to, because the mail is there until deleted.