Thursday, April 24, 2008

appliqued quilt

appliqued quilt
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There were a lot of appliqued quilts that I went to last week - or maybe I just photographed the appliqued quilts... I was very tired & barely got around to digging out my camera to take photos at all. (What I do for you guys.) This one was nicely hand quilted in a shade of brown that was a touch darker than the brown fabric - very effective. The applique patterns are by Karen Kay Buckley. (In the past I have blogged about how she was my very first quilt teacher - I was in so far over my head!)

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Sewbaby said...

I love Karen Kay Buckley....such a talent!!
I too took two workshops from her....she is amazing. No,I probably will never do hand applique again but I loved her as an instructor.