Monday, March 17, 2008

weekly recap.

Not much to report - except what has already been reported...

But I am going to do my "double X" quilt using my Marti Michell templates instead of thangles. wish me luck... This will be my first time using them... (I own 4 packages of the templates and the log cabin ruler...)

But in the end, all I did was make the decision - I did not cut or sew on the project.

Yesterday was the day that my mini-group meets in the classroom of one of my LQS's. I managed to do one button hole applique block. :o)

I arrived late (I had a dress rehearsal in the morning) & love to look around the shop - not the best use of my time, I know.

But I also managed not to spend any $$. Lancaster is at the end of the month & I think that my husband ordered some backing fabric for me for the Isotaupe quilt.

As for the quilting - I'm going to check with some long armers about doing clam shells.

Here's to getting some more stuff done this week.


Shelina said...

That is plenty of progress - you researched the shop to know what is available out there, you worked on the appliqué, and you made a quilting decision. That's about how much I get done in one day.

Libby said...

But isn't that the reason you meet at the LQS . . . for browsing *S*

Anonymous said...

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