Sunday, March 02, 2008

stash busting

I can do that too...
I sent a wad of green out to Mamaspark. Not sure how much - some were roung cut 7 inch squaresd incl. selvedge & others were "what is left" of this piece.

She sent me some kitties in return - That does not count as stash enhancing, right?

But I have a hankering to do another cat charm quilt... She sent me some "new to me" kitties - as hard as it may be for all of you out there to believe! I got a "template" at a quilt show "once upon a time ago" that ends up with hexagons that are quilted as you go - I think... Also once upon a time ago, I could have pulled up their website... sorry. But I have wanted to insert kitties into those hexagons for a while... Maybe this is my impetus?

As if I need any impetus to start a new quilt... :o)

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Ruth's Place said...

hexagon kitties will be very cool!