Friday, March 07, 2008

Quilts by me

I am sure that some of you are convinced that all I do is go to shows & share quilts by other people.

Well, I got a box back from my quilter in Michigan this week.

(Do I share them all now or spread them out? Which one first? Link back to the piecing posts?)

The Halloween Quilt (Caveat, I am not a Halloween person... I am a recovering cat fabric collector & cats naturally find theor way into Halloween prints. OH & I really love that glow in the dark effect that is going on in some of my prints - aka the obnoxious border!)
My Halloween Quilt Since this is a Halloween quilt, did I sew it last October? Apparently not! I am looking for the link... (When all else fails, go to flickr - they know when you uploaded the photo...) The pieced top(s) are located here in the post on guess what... CATS. FYI, I gave the other two to my GF - she is into Halloween & she donated some of those fat quarters to the cause & she donated some cat prints to the cat charm quilt cause.

Yes, that is a YBR quilt - but I split the blocks into two piles - which later split into 3... I added large squares to add to the YBR blocks.

Here is a close up of the quilting:
'The Do you see the word "hat." How fun is that?
Here is the back:
Back of my Halloween quilt Complete with my helper & more of that obnoxious border fabric - I originally bought 6 yards thinking that it would be a great back. I used it for the border because it was the only piece that I had that was big enough.

Life gets in the way, so I will post about the other quilts later...


mamaspark said...

Amy, who is your quilter in MI? Maybe I know them. I love the kitty pin cuhions. Where did you get them?

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Very neat fabrics here. I love 'em.

The Carolina Quilter said...

I am a Halloween freak and I love this! So cute! I want it!!! haha. I know you won't be giving this up.

Gail said...

Really fun quilt! Obviously the cats like it.

julieQ said...

I love cat fabrics too! Love your quilt from the quilter.

Ruth's Place said...

The quilt looks like lots of fun!